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Darkness eternal - 100%

Kristenhat666, November 8th, 2006

In the beginning, Black Metal was a purely underground music style that very few people were aware of. Death and thrash metal bloomed, and only those truly passionate about BM knew of the numerous outstanding releases that had seen the (un)light and heralded the development of this basically new genre. One of the most pivotal releases of that era and an album that surpasses the more renowned bands such as Darkthrone, Burzum and Immortal is GORGOROTH ‘s “PENTAGRAM”.

Go ahead, say that my previous statement is subjective! But if you have any pretense at being a Black Metaller, you must agree with me. Darkthrone have never been committed to what BM stands for, they‘ve always taken it all as a music style only. Immortal, likewise, distanced themselves even more from the values of the genre, and have admitted that “it’s only a show”. Their lyrics have had mostly very little to do with Black Metal. As for Burzum, I fail to see any connection with BM except for his early releases. Having the right sound does not include you automatically in a certain genre. I say all of this as a fanatic of True Black Metal, and this is exactly what “Pentagram” is.

Allow me to give you an overview of this soulreaping CD. The only thing that one sees on the cover of “PENTAGRAM” is the title and the name of the band. No colors, no drawings, just pure and simple blackness. All of this is rightfully placed inside an ornamented frame, so typical of the early BM releases. The backside, on the other hand, does include a picture of GORGOROTH, again devoid of colors. A black and white photo that suits the style, portraying really dark and hateful-looking individuals one could take seriously. The CD itself is black with the same basic info mentioned above. But let’s get to the point and talk about the music. What can I tell you? I’ll try to put it into one sentence: the music is cold, dark, evil and hateful, without any trace of compromise despite the regular melodic sections that characterize this album. Not enough for you? Ok, so let me add something. We’re talking about an album suited exclusively to the taste of those who really like pure Black Metal, which alternates all kinds of riffs you can imagine - fast ones, mid-paced ones, and even a few slow ones. It draws you into its atmosphere with its mercilessness and then rapes you with incredibly catchy melodies.

This CD is a must for anyone who considers himself to be a fanatic of the genre. It shows GORGOROTH in their original line-up and musical abilities, long before the band changed into what they are today. There was no “rock star” attitude, no attempt at attracting kids and those only marginally/partially interested in BM. All you can find here is what most people flee, and very few seek: darkness eternal…