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Experimental - 88%

thammaren, October 5th, 2008

Gorgoroth have never been an open minded group, they have always stuck to brutal Norwegian black metal. Even though this album has many noise and industrial elements thrown into the mix, Gorgoroth still remains "True".

The title track "Incipit Satan" is one of Gorgoroth's heaviest songs, and a great way to open an album. Like all of Gorgoroth's songs, the vocals are completely indecipherable, except the two words "Incipit Satan!" which clearly highlights Gorgoroth's message; Gorgoroth have really never been about the music.

The album's other songs are a lot of the same, same structure, same everything, though "Ein Eim av Blod og Helvetesild" was very interesting, as well as "An Excerpt of X" which features Infernus' vocals. At first I was worried that "Unchain My Heart!!!" was a cover of the Ray Charles song, but it is actually the third best track on the album, after "Ein Eim av Blod og Helvetesild" and "When Love Rages Wild In My Heart".

The last song on the album is "When Love Rages Wild In My Heart". Neither Gaahl nor Infernus sing on it. The vocals are in a conventional rock style, sung by someone credited as Mickey Faust. Though some Gorgoroth fans will reject it as being "not heavy enough", this song is actually the darkest song on the record. A great way to wrap up a black metal album.

Gorgoroth have always loved to shock, and confuse, and create fear. Ways that they have done so on "Incipit Satan" are quite obvious to me, just looking at the song names. They have long used Satan's names in their music as something of an advertisement, so they will receive more media coverage and so real Satanist people will pay to see their live shows. What's more, many of their song titles are in Norwegian, which gives quite a mysterious feel to the music.

Overall Incipit Satan's good points outweigh the bad. If only every Gorgoroth album was this good. This black metal album was one of the first of the new millennium, and is certainly one of the best.