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Incipit Courage - 89%

Henceforth, May 14th, 2006

A bold album above many, specially for a band so 'underground' appealing as Gorgoroth. This is most definetely their most experimental and alien sounding work. It's quite brave to make such an album... and it's a good album, let me tell you why.

This album contains a rather mediocre production. Someone forgot King Ov Hell, bass gets smothered in the music. But after the nice riffing, you'll forget about it. The music is clean, the vocals arent to sunk into the sound. Yeah, yeah, the last track is strange, the bass sound seems unaudible, but overall it's a good, strong work.

Incipit Satan: The title track comes in first, pounding and straight to your face. Complete with fast, consistent drum work. A few breakdowns throughout structure, with some electronic effects around the one minute mark before it starts again... The vocals are good/decent, and together with a set in the chorus sound nice.

A World To Win: My second favorite from this album. It has probably the best guitar riff on Incipit Satan, galloping throughout the song untill it reaches this solo-ish nature towards a pseudo blastbeat. The vocal work is slower [take that however you want, some say BM vocals are supposed to be incomprehensible]

Litani Til Satan: This song... it's slower and ballad-like. It resembles the name clearly 'Litany For Satan' it seems as a bit of a prayer. The vocal work is plain and spoken; It has a few growling intromissions. It's a lyric focus song, so the instruments are boring and monotonous

Unchain My Heart! ! !: My favorite song on this Incipit Satan album. It starts with a piano/electronic sound intro. Vocals kick in with a roaring scream, mid/fast paced drumming with some breakdown, the guitar continues steady, even though bass has no prominence in the album, the pedal drums are decent. It's a rather echlectic song.

An Excerpt Of X: Dont expect metal to start anytime soong... a long guitar/sample song, compared to the others [5:50, longest in Incipit Satan]. Again, resembling Litani Til Satan, with a few samples here and there.

Fin Eim au Blod Og Helvetesild: Brutal song, 'blackmetalest' in the album. Gorgoroth's Destroyer style, you could say. This song, drumming, guitar work, vocal work [and i assume that the unaudible bass too] pour down like a rain of spears. Excellent for die hard violent black metal. Accurately, the shortest, due to it's brutality.

Will To Power: You may wonder 'What the fuck is this?!' it's not a song anyway... it's several industrial noises with a few samples. A must skip, unless you expect the same throbbing sound.

When Love Rages Wild In My Heart: This song starts with some eerie sounds. It looks up like a metal song up to the 1:10 minutes... when a strange Deathrock like voice kicks in... a deep voice, [to some it sounds like Elvis, to me it's Sisters of Mercy], Here, apparently the only song where bass makes an appearence [at laaast!!]. Excellent riff around the 3 minutes. It's a good, well built experimental song. Song which makes them true owners of a bold, courageous status. At the 4th minute, a more epic air begins to blow. It's got decent drum work, good vocal work, accurate riffing.