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Open Wide The Gates Of Hell - 90%

MHITO, January 2nd, 2003

Gorgoroth is probably the most underrated band in the genre at this point. Where their older material lacked a clear vision and was mainly being a bit adolescent this album sky-rockets them into maturity.
This is what Black Metal is about! The production is a harsh and cold mixture of high en middle frequencies with the exception of the bassdrums (at least on the songs that are recorded with real drums, there's some drumcomputer on the album) who roll over the low end with a deadly-kick-in-the-stomach-bassdrone. Every break and every riff sounds like stomp in the face or a razor across the throath. Don't listen to it if you can only stand this type of music with a crisp and clear sound!
The album starts of viciously with the crushing song "Destroyer" which leaves absolutely no doubt about this band's mission: To Destroy Everything!!!
The song "Open The Gates" follows in a more mid tempo structure which carries a lot of weight and a great melody line that remotely reminds me of swedish death metal. Other great songs are "På slagmark langt mot nord" with it's deeply intense industrial sampling (Einsturzende Neubauten, anyone?) and the violent "Blodoffer".
But what really puts the cherry on the cake is the Darkthrone cover "Slottet I Det Fjerne". Now, for those of you who haven't heard the original let me tell ya it wasn't a walk through the park on a sunny day either but Gorgoroth dropped a fucking H-bomb on the entire fucking park and covered it in the soot and debris of all the dead christian pigs burnt in the process, thereby claiming dominance over the surving rabble of dogs and usurping the world of man!!! (gasps frantically while reaching for his Spawn figurine beating it mercilessly upon his self righteous christian G.I.JOE dolls)
Okay I'll tone down a bit now and say no more on the subject of burning Christians. Just buy this album cause it fucking rocks.