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intriguing, long lasting - 95%

namelessheretic, January 16th, 2006

Production: More than adequate; all instruments are audible and distinct, even if the mix as a whole is not exactly level.

The intrigue of style is brought to life with amazing use of melody; it is a reminder of how the great classical composers knew this and used it, with great results. Infernus, during this time, had an uncanny ability to tap into a world of uninhibited curiosity, emotional journeys, and great discoveries. Music is meant to stimulate the wonder and power of things not easily explained, whether it's seen or unseen, conscious or unconscious.

Unlike some forms of accepted black metal, there is no fear expressed on "Antichrist" for the beauty of melody in it's various forms. That being said, it still has it's own form of brutality, just not in the sense of non stop blast beats and 200 mile an hour speed riffing. Maybe finesse` is too much of a "pussy" word to use here, but there is, in fact, some of it present on "Antichrist"; maybe reinventing the term to suit it's needs.

Too much emphasis on finesse` may not be appropriate either, for there is a definite fire and furious pounding that should be noted and praised. 'Possessed (By Satan)', for example, starts out as a monstrous hell stomp that leads to some outstanding non-linear, almost "backwards" sounding drumming that inadvertently becomes the focus for the listener.

Although much praise goes to the guitar work here, the bass guitar shines as well; oddly enough, at times, thrusting the melody over top of the guitars when not playing as intermediary between the guitar and drums. The bass definitely adds a dimension and a thickness to these amazing songs.

An absolute masterpiece. Both this recording and Gorgoroth's previous effort, "Pentagram", are worthwhile music expeditions that history will show as being black metal cornerstones.