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A Rank Smell of Christian Blood... - 100%

agnosticwithin, March 6th, 2008

Antichrist is the second full-length album by Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth. And fuck, is it good!

It starts off with the coolest intro I think I have ever heard, which sounds like the devil's masturbation itself, and proceeds to pound your ears in... until you bleed from every orifice of your body. Crank this one up, it deserves it.

Let's start off with the guitar work. It is the best thing on this album (no surprise there, right, Infernus?) It is the perfect blend of brutality, melody, and conception. That is, it delivers the black metal goods with fast picking, hook-line melodies that will drive your head into insanity, and with just the right amount for your ears to bleed to. It's what stood out the most for me on this album. Almost all songs sound fast, and ear-pounding... however...

On a side-note, there are some VERY catchy riffs to be found on the album. The LAST thing you would expect to hear on such a level of hatred, is found in some songs, such as "Possessed (By Satan)", some parts of "Heavens Fall", and "Sorg" (the latter being a very slow, melancholic and just overall eerie sounding atmospheric track). That, is nowhere NEAR being a bad thing, simply because all tracks sound great. The guitars on this album just feel right, and perfect.

The bass definitely has a presence in making this album fit for a Satanic funeral. Overall, it goes perfect with the guitar work, and fits right into this album. Giving it that perfect pillar of heavy balance. Just the way I like it!

The vocals are nice as well. They are very well done. They have that demonic feel to them that most black metal fans love. They are not very loud (for the most part), but in a way (in this album) it works. Raspy, demonic, and soul-stealing. Perfect for a black metal album.

The drumming fits right in (as you would expect). In this album, the drumming has it all. Everything from fast blast-beats to die, to slow compositions for decomposition. It is PERFECT and finishes off the album with excellent results. As a drummer, I have to say this is done well. Not incredible or anything, but it doesn't have to be, A couple of fills here and there, and we are set.

If you love black metal, this one is a timeless classic that you can hear anytime you feel like listening to hell. You NEED this album!

Regardless of whether you like black metal or not, no one can really deny the fact that this is an influential album. It isn't that long, but it is well worth the money. Throughout each of Gorgoroth's incarnations they have evolved, but maintained a certain aura and sound to them, this one is no exception, if you liked the other Gorgoroth releases, I see no reason as to why you would not like this one. Despite the undeniable experimentation of this album (compared to their "Pentagram" release), you can rest easy, they keep what brought them to the dance.

For some closure, I have to say that all of the tracks in this album absolutely stuck with me. I loved them all. But, for the purpose of calling some out, the best ones (just not by much) are:

- The intro, "En stram lukt av kristent blod"
- "Possessed (By Satan)"
- "Heavens Fall"
- "Sorg"