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3 good songs and 2 clunkers - 65%

The_Ghoul, December 13th, 2007

Antichrist is overrated. Pure and simple. Sure, I am a fan of the "quality over quantity" argument, but that only works if the songs are fucking excellent. Well, with the exception of Gorgoroth (the song), the songs here are rather mediocre, with Possessed and Sorg being the two clunkers. Bergtrollets Hevn is an ok song, it's a fun song to listen to and contains a few catchy riffs and drum beats, but it's nothing to write home about, and could easily be the work of some second rate kvlt kiddie bedroom black metal one man outfit. The same could be said about Heaven's Fall, which is shorter and thus commands my attention even less.

Gorgoroth (The song) is a good song. I place this song as the reason Antichrist gets such a high rating, because it is indeed a great song. It was the song I always listened to, skipping the intro and Bergtollets Hevn. It reminds me of Life Eternal somewhat, which puts me off and diminishes my opinion of the song, but it is a good song nonetheless.

However, the two clunkers are unmemorable and boring. Possessed contains an alright intro, which leads into a boring 3 or so minutes of nothing in particular. Sorg contains the same flaws that a lot of bands who aren't used to doing slow stuff has, namely that it's boring and slothful. As I said in my review for Manowar's Into Glory Ride, slow=/=epic. Here, it's the same riffs found on other Gorgoroth songs, but slower, and more boring. It lacks inspiration, riffs, and even more, feeling.

Sorry, but 1 great song and 2 good songs can't save this album from being a total disaster in my eyes. I never listen to it, preferring the far superior and incredibly more consistent Under the Sign of Hell, which is Gorgoroth's best album, leaving this pathetic effort in the dust. It feels more like a stopgap EP than a true album.

P.S. The gorgoroth with King and Gaahl isn't Gorgoroth. Infernus is, has been, and always will be, Gorgoroth.