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Gorgoroth- Antichrist - 85%

SuperVeji4, July 15th, 2007

The album that is officially the beginning of Gorgoroth's history, this album is what the first album should have been. Antichrist has all the strengths of Pentagram, and has none of the weaknesses of Pentagram; strong vocal performance from Hat and Pest, excellent guitar play from Infernus, and above average drum play from Frost. The performance on this album is near perfect and convincing once again, a trait that is absent in almost all black metal bands.

This album is one of those albums that every song is good, plain and simple. The biggest surprise on this album however are the two 'epic' songs that are present on this release: Gorgoroth and Sorg. These two songs are definatly one of the best songs Gorgoroth has written that shows excellent performance and an atmopshere that is filled with anger and despair.

One thing that still bothers me is that some of the characteristics on this album are still too similar to other black metal acts. Its not nearly as bad as Pentagram, in fact this album shows a hint of uniqueness in the sound that only Gorgoroth can create, but the strong similarities are still there.

This album has all the characteristics of Pentagram but are enhanced to greater heights, making it a better release by far. This album is where people should start off if they wish to get into Gorgoroth; but it is in their next release that Gorgoroth reached their peak. The best album that they have made, and will most probably be their best ever is without a doubt Under The Sign of Hell.

Highlights: Gorgoroth, Heaven's Fall, Sorg