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Aaaaaan-ttiiiiiii-chriisssssss-ddeennnnnn - 36%

OzzyApu, July 17th, 2009

Compared to Pentagram, this album sucks. Well, you can’t hide the fact that there’s a couple good tracks on here, but ultimately this album (all 25 minutes of it) stands out the least for me in Gorgoroth’s discography - yes, even less than Destroyer. The atmosphere isn’t as sinister, the riffs are less folk / wicked, and Hat doesn’t sound like a banshee anymore. Yeah you couldn’t understand anything on the debut, but his shrieks were so frightening that once I heard his gurgling on here, I just found that it paled in comparison. It doesn’t sound like he’s giving a full amount of effort, even though the rippling screams are quite cozy with the tone.

This tone isn’t quite as menacing as the debut and doesn’t grasp me until the third track, aptly titled “Gorgoroth.” Here I find comfort back in Infernus’ sadistic riffs with a good dose of folk involved, thus making for actually a pretty happy sounding song. Bass is surprisingly powerful and adds to the tense mood, but here begins Hat’s dive into clean vocals: they’re not lame or dull, but kind of guilty and mournful. Infernus’ seizes the rest of the song and goes berserk thereafter in a frenzy of diabolical solos and hypnotic riffs.

While redundancy doesn’t incorporate itself when it comes to Infernus, I feel as though “Possessed (By Satan)” does fall through without hope. The riff itself is pretty evil, but the drums and the complete repetitiveness just wears thin quicker than flittering mice scurrying up Satan’s asshole. It’s just the same bang bang bang bang bang bang bang for half the song while the rest in between accumulate to nothing. The next song suffers the exact same problem, but manages to pick itself up a little bit with a stronger, folk-inducing outro. Drumming is a little tight, but I find it to be largely forgettable in the face of Infernus’ captivating style.

The production is slightly better than before, but it doesn’t aid the cold hatred you’re supposed to be feeling all that much. Actually, I take that back a little; the only times you feel any bit of unholy fervor is with the two longest tracks: “Gorgoroth” and “Sorg.” The latter just happens to be doomier and filled with a gloomier rhythm above haunting clean vocals, but otherwise it still has more strength in atmosphere than it does in anything that Infernus usually is capable of coming up with.

I dunno, I just found this particular album serving as a low point sandwiched between the debut and Under The Sign Of Hell. It doesn’t offer much except one good track, one atmospheric track, three lame tracks, and Satan whining while being pummeled in the ass (the first track). How quaint…