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Decent sequel - 82%

Human666, August 21st, 2007

Firstly, is it better than 'Pentagram'? no it isn't, but don't worry, there aren't too much albums out there which are better than that one anyway. However, this album isn't a disappointing one because it still keeps on a good level of stormy black metal. While it isn't one of a kind as it's predecessor and doesn't brings anything unique, it has what every worthy bm album should have: well executed riffs, malicious atmosphere, emotional climaxes and there is also some extra melodic vibe within the riffing which doesn't let this album fall down into a great pit full with tons of "buzzing" albums which sounds the same. 'Antichrist' isn't a revolutionary album as some people tend to say, but it's stand on it's own somehow.

The album begins with short intro which leading to the opener 'Bergtrollets Hevn', rush with moderate power chords strumming and continues with a melodic yet harsh riffing. The vocals are pretty decent, not dominates too much yet leaves a space for the riffing and the brutal drumming. Something worth mentioning is the production which manages to stay clear and beautiful for the whole album and makes the album more genial for the untrained ear of the newbies of black metal. That means that if you are new to black metal and afraid of noisy, cultish productions, here you'll feel quite safe.

Now for the third track which is named upon the band name. 'Gorgoroth' Begin with harmonized alternate picked riffing with some decent fills of the bass, supported by brutal drumming. Then suddenly the tempo break down and the brutal madness turns into a more paced atmosphere. Moderate arpeggio strumming which creates a chilling, beautiful atmosphere, driving some clean vocals over there and also a great lead guitar job. Then the brutal madness goes back with a fast tapping solo together with some nicely tempo breaks. This is the most standout of this album. It keeps on brutal and melodic sense at the same time, without getting too much grind or cheesy. It switches mood at the exact moment and varies pretty much for it's length.

Another standout is 'Possessed By Satan' which is fucking brutal track with catchy minimalist riffing in a slowly jammed tempo. The chorus is also made in a very sing along shape so prepare to bang and scream like a stupid cunt.

Overall, I don't see any reason why the average black metaller won't like this album. Get it and play loud enough to make your ears bleed like a dead emo kid.