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A sorcery indeed - 90%

Nosferatu, July 3rd, 2004

This is Gorgoroth’s first recording, their first demo, which can be easily described as flesh-reaping black metal. The music is harsh, raw and brutal, everything that you can expect from Gorgoroth, but more primitive. The quality of the demo is better than the rest of the other demos that circulated the scene during that time, but still not flawless.

The demo begins with “Gathering at Blåkulla (Intro)”. Since Blåkulla is a place in Sweden where witches gathered in the past, you can only imagine that this intro is obscure and bizarre. The vocalist, Hat, growls something indistinguishable (does not seem like lyrics, but some growl improvisations) while the guitar “tortures” the listener with feedback from the amp and the drums are pumping on the bass drum in what it would seem as an extension to the “torture”. The intro gives an overview of what the listener should be prepared to listen to the next 7 or so minutes; a pure, raw, harsh, piercing recording and all those people who like melodic stuff should stay away from it. “(Under) The Pagan Megalith” is one of my favorite songs on this recording, it has variation, switching from fast to slow. Also the drums are varying which is good sometimes when you don’t always want to hear blastbeats in the entire song. The structure of both songs is well thought, but the lack of good quality makes it harder to enjoy them.

Another plus here is the artwork who is really good, although minimalist and primitive. The demo features one of the best demo covers I’ve ever seen. The lack of good quality does not stop me from enjoying a recording. I am a big fan of bootlegs and old demos, however crappy they sound (but there is a limit to how crappy the quality of a demo can be), but that could create some problems for those who like crystal-clear productions. In that case perhaps this demo is nothing that you can enjoy of, so stay away from it. The others, who hunger for raw and harsh recordings, dig in!