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The Lady Rides a Black Horse - 95%

Orlok666, March 25th, 2012

It's hard for me to believe that no one has written a review for this classic album yet. Gorgon are one of the all time cult bands of black metal, being one of the first French black metal bands to release an album, and really playing in the more early second wave of black metal. They never really got the respect they deserve from the scene, probably due to the difficulty in obtaining their releases. However recently this album has been re-released and is available on distros like Nuclear War Now! and thus should be picked up by any who worship the old cult of black metal.

Now down to the music. Gorgon's sound is similar in way to The Black (who is another overlooked classic band I recently reviewed) and Nastrond (another of my favorites) it's made up of very raw but very well written songs that have that very old school early 90's sound. Part of that time was also a willingness of bands to experiment with elements like keyboards without ever sacrificing the grim and evil sound (which is something newer bands could learn). Thus we have songs that are vicious and intensely evil, with a very raw production that is still not garbage can bad or anything.

The guitars are fuzzy and very transistor distorted, sometimes losing distinction but it doesn't sound terrible. The bass is there under the guitars peeking it's head out at times to keep the basic progressions audible. The vocals are insane screams that are less absurd then old Burzum (which I enjoy as well though) but are very intense, the vocals remind me at times of Countess' Orlok.

The riffing is very well written, and the songs are put together masterfully. There is a mixture between kind of Gorgoroth melodic riffing and more old school/thrash oriented riffs, and the tempo is very much varied throughout. Then on top of this at times they throw in dark horror movie keyboards to accent the atmosphere in a way reminding me of early Behemoth or Graveland. There's also a few ambient section in it that heighten the morbid mood of the album. Over all one could say the similarities I pointed out mainly have to do with all these bands being heavily influenced by older bands, particularly Bathory who were obviously majorly important to Gorgon.

Every song on here is killer, and like most real black metal bands they throw in enough head banging sections to mix with the melodic aspects. Really there's everything on here one could ask for in black metal. Plus it has a deep morbid occult feeling throughout, one feels they were very inspired and possessed while recording and writing this album.

All I can say is that this is for the true black metal listeners who really can dig the early 90's sound of not only Norwegian black metal but of all the European bands, as this is firmly in that sound that quickly gave way to the regimentalised Darkthrone worship type of shit that flooded everything in the mid to late 90's. This is from the age when every band sought to make their sound unique in some way, and Gorgon do for sure, no one else quite sounds like them, there are just bands who were and are similar in spirit.