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Gorgon - Savage the Fox

A Worthwhile Listen - 80%

MonkeyKombat, June 7th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2001, 7" vinyl, Street Lights Records (Limited edition)

You may immediately recognize that the cover is reminiscent of Bashful Alley’s “Running Blind” single. Gorgon not only paid tribute to them by having a similar cover with a sketch of the band members against a mustard yellow background on this release, but also covered “Running Blind” on their self-titled EP.

This single contains two tracks, the B-side being a cover of the mighty Crucifixion. The original track “Savage” is pure traditional heavy metal awesomeness. A rocking intro paves the way for a pretty cool melodic main riff. Shigeyuki’s scream signals the beginning of the chorus where he proudly proclaims “I am savage, I am savage through the night”… Yes, English isn’t exactly their strong point, but who gives a shit! The twin guitar solo duel rounds off what could be considered one of Gorgon’s average songs at least in my opinion, as I believe their material on the other records far surpasses this one.

Their Crucifixion cover on the B-side on the other hand is quite awesome, which is definitely helped by the fact that you can’t ruin an already brilliant song (unless you’re completely incompetent). The song belongs on every biker montage you’ve ever seen with its energetic V-Twin powered main riff. There really isn’t much to say about the cover as it’s almost identical to the original and remains unchanged structurally.

I wouldn’t consider this as one of Gorgon’s essential releases, but if you do come across it for a good price and love NWOBHM and/or Gorgon, then you’d be doing yourself a favor by picking it up.