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Swallowing Profusely - 20%

witchslayer, May 12th, 2007

Calling this album generic is an insult to most generic "brutal death metal" out there. This takes blandness to a new level. Try to picture very generic death metal. Now make that even more generic, and then take THAT and generalize it further. The result is Gorgasm's debut full-length. I swear, these guys got together before commencing work on this album and agreed to implement every possible cliche that plagues "generic death metal." Really, the review basically ends here, but should you somehow not be acquainted with the aforementioned phrase, or maybe you just want to know a little more, read on.

Cookie monster vocals. That's slang for "low, undecipherable growls that sound really lame." Oh yes, plenty of that here. You have your standard death metal drums, complete with blast beats even when they're not needed, or worse, when they make the music worse than it already is. The riffs are very forgettable. In fact, I can't recall any specific riff from memory. I am going through the pain of listening to this as I type, so you don't have to. If I were judging by songwriting alone, this album would get a 0%. However, though songwriting is the single most important factor in determining an album's quality, to me anyways, it is not the only one. Skill matters too. I have heard albums that would've sounded better if they were executed better, but were held to mediocrity by inept musicians unable to carry out their own creation in a viable manner.

Not so is the case here. Gorgasm are a professional team of musicians. Technicality is the one area they excel at. The riffs, sleep-inducing as they are, are played flawlessly. In fact, the precision rivals a computer's, but with much more variety of tempo than computerized music generally has. You'll have out-of-control guitars one moment - don't forget the cookie monster vocals - and then suddenly go in slow grinding mode, then some death metal solos. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. I cannot read your mind, but whatever image of the music you have in your head at this point is accurate. In places I hear a resemblance to Cannibal Corpse, circa The Bleeding era, but it's nothing obvious, and this album is much more technical. Oh yes, the guitars are downtuned. And the production is pretty good. It's too bad that the sound is clear yet the music so underwhelming.

The skill present is not enough to save this album from oblivion. There is not even a single aspect of the music that you could label as a trademark of Gorgasm's. I'd rather listen to Deicide, at least their older stuff had scattered hints at "remotely listenable." If you like brutal death metal without any memorable passages, you should definitely look into this because that's what you're getting. I'm giving this album a 20% for technicality, the production, and the previous EP's cover art. Yeah, not even the cover to this one stood out. This is Gorgasm's worst, if that's any consolation to potential listeners.