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Well, well... - 70%

stickyshooZ, November 9th, 2004

Speaking from a death metal lover’s stand point, Gorgasm’s “Bleeding Profusely” is another follower album in the death metal world. The material is nothing innovative, particularly catchy, or outstanding…but you can’t help but like it for what it is. Sameness isn’t exactly shunned by most death metal goers – then again, being a stand out death metal band is hard work when you’ve got millions of mediocre bands that are doing the same thing on a lower level and somehow manage to saturate the market. So, this is another one of those follower bands…it can’t really be that good. Often, one would assume so, but I don’t find that to be the case here.

With no subtleties and remaining short in their deliverance (23 minutes would immediately insinuate that this is not a drawn out epic), Gorgasm get straight to the point – relentless brutality. Gorgasm make music without putting the baiting rhythm on the hooks and expect listeners to go rushing to bite it; except it actually manages to work. Yep, we all know that death metal evolved from thrash, and this is pretty much a pure testament to that fact, albeit thrash riffs are generally tamer than anything you’ll ever find in death metal. Pure accelerated death metal arrives, carrying a load of hefty blast beats and high speed picking that somewhat makes one resentful for having gotten themselves into listening to this in the first place. Somewhat complex, yet effective guitar riffs are the hooks without the bait for this entire album, as that’s how it is with most common death metal releases – going straight for the jugular without caring for the appeal of the masses.

Though not technical by any means, it’s impossible to deny that some of those guitar riffs are pretty damn difficult and, at times, mind boggling. Think along the lines of Suffocation and Nile, except tuned down a little in the technical badass department. The aforementioned bands are usually much more difficult to follow, while this remains very straight forward and blunt with more of a malicious battery and barrage of riff storms. The melodies are more subtle than the brutality that reigns; they emerge from the shadows of the night and cut the throats of the non believers to pieces. Oh yeah, this is brutal all right!

For a first full-length the mix is more serene than to be expected, but keeps a little bit of the dirty grit of punchy production. With Gorgasm, it’s all out war, all the time. After all, peace is over rated. Violent lyrics, lots of brutal riffs, portly drums…you get the picture.

Yeah, yeah, it’s nothing new, but what did you expect?