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Gorgasm - Bleeding Profusely - 85%

Pestilent, March 20th, 2004

A hand full of brutal, sick and skilled musicians make up this sick Death Grind act. The band is extremely tight and precise in the recording. With a combination of fast picking riffs as well as grindey, chunky ones, mixed with deep vocals and fast drumming they are one of my favourite Death Grind binds at the moment.They like using a hint of melody in some of their songs that gives them a very unique style when it comes to Death Grind. They are now signed with Unique Leader Records the label off the great Deeds of Flesh, and have recently recorded a new Album

Songs to look out for are definitely “Voracious” which has a simple yet extremely catchy riff that is introduced by a fucking excellent growl of around 8 Seconds. “Stripped to the Bone” has a sick and brutal intro where this guy mentions the ripping, cutting and mutilating of the innocent…The cover art is quite cool. Its very basic, but at the same time grave. It’s basically this knife drenched in blood surrounded by a pool off guess what…BLOOD. Sound quality is good but what didn’t impress me much is the fact that the songs are all quite short more or less all under 2.30-3 minutes.