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Great brutal death metal - 70%

SekoIdiootti, February 23rd, 2011

I stumbled upon this when I was searching for japanese death metal bands, and have to say that at first I was repulsed by it; the sheer brutality it unleashed was just way too much for me at the time. But now, I see this in a whole different light.

Starting with the vocals, which a few years ago I couldn't stand at all and laughed at how it was retarded. Listening to this today? Seriously one of the best vocals you'll find in the subgenre brutal death, or even in death metal in general. Of course this depends on if the vocalist uses any effects, which I don't know. Assuming he doesn't, his vocals get really low at times, and the regular guttural he makes is the usual that you hear every day. For example in the song "Insanity", the vocals go so low that I could swear it's pitchshifted, but then again, it sounds so much more natural than most and what my own experience with pitchshifting has proven.

The guitars don't have much variety and from what I know of guitar playing, are quite simple for most of the album. However there seem to be some parts where they are quite technical, but nothing Viraemia-like, which is to be expected. I'm assuming there are two guitars on every track, but I can't be sure.

There's a lot low end on every second of the album, which could be caused by two guitars in different tuning or something, or a hearable bass. I'll just leave that to it, since I'm not really sure.

Drums are generally quite well mixed since they're not the only thing heard constantly or blend into the other music. I personally just love the cymbals, because they sound sloppy, in the lack of a better word, but still manage to keep it from sounding demo-like; in fact they make it all more 'brutal'.

Now more about the reason I didn't like this at first: I had thought these guys are some kind of "ahead of their time band" because of how everything is so much lower and, like the subgenre says, brutal; I only thought they were death metal, I didn't even know about the whole subgenre like this until a few months after listening this album. So, not long but still enough to have me baffled for a few months.

In the middle of the album, there's an ambient interlude. Many bands have these, and usually they're just annoying; this band along with Flesh Consumed and a few others can do them so it doesn't get annoying, but instead 'loads' the atmosphere. Although it's also the ultimate downpoint of this album at the same time; the next track starts slow. If they'd have had at least a short burst of high-speed blasting after the interlude, it would've been a lot better.

So all in all, this album is great. It's brutal and darker than a lot of bands in the same genre, in my opinion at least. Best tracks that are memorable are "Insanity" and "Extinction".