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Slamtastic - 82%

Iheartmetal, March 11th, 2011

There's a lot of slam bands which are, in all honesty, terrible. It's a genre which is infamous for a lack of innovation and originality but sometimes this really doesn't matter if you just get a band which does the standard job in a way that makes is very fun and enjoyable. Gorevent are one of these such bands, offering little new in terms of musical innovation but offering a lot in terms of pure, unadulterated brutal fun that'll have you wanting to headbang with your entire torso and punch some children.

In terms of musical skill the members of Gorevent are passable and handle their individual instruments reasonable well. For example the guitars occasionally play something mildly technical but generally do the usual slam thing, and they do it very well with some really powerful chugging and riffs that give the music a lot of groove and energy! The guitar sound is very deep and bassy, something which I really like (a tinny guitar sound has little power and is often very annoying). The bass is... actually with these ridiculously downtuned guitars it's almost impossible to tell if the bass does anything at all (although I think I heard it a few times rumbling in the background), but this is the case for most brutal death albums so whatever. The drumming is actually pretty good, with a snare sound that avoids being too ringy but still pretty slammy, and some pretty bludgeoning double bass work! The cymbals are also used to good effect, rather than just being there so help create a wall of sound effect.

The vocals are, in my opinion, some of the best in the entire scene. I often tire of vocalists who just seem to gurgle on (like Vladmir from Abominable Putridity, who is boring as fuck) but this guy Takashi has a pretty damn cool sound! He's very deep and gurgles to a tasteful extent whilst actually varying his sound and tone, instead of just using one droning gurgle for the entire album. It sounds very natural and powerful instead of weak and forced or pitch-shifted, which means it fits very well with the meaty and thunderous guitars and drumming.

Overall, this is nothing groundbreaking but is a damn good slam album full of meaty, thunderous chugging and some bludgeoning drumming and it's catchy as fuck! These are some of the best slams I've heard in a while, really catchy and powerful. The production job is deep and bassy but reasonably clear and I think it's brilliant, as it gives the music that much more power. It's pretty much my ideal slam production and mixing, although it'd be nice to hear more from the bassist (although like I said before, for all I know it could be him playing some of the background chugging but I wouldn't be able to distinguish him from the guitars).

Anyway, I heartily recommend this album to anyone else who likes a nice bit of slamming brutality with good production.