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More like Slamnormal Exaggeration (huehuehue) - 67%

GuardAwakening, September 4th, 2013

The northern hemisphere slam scene is pretty varied, while it does rather well in competition to put albums on the market for a bunch of Indonesian kids to eat up in their home country (or pretty much every band that's ripped off Devourment for the past decade and a half), we see noteworthy acts such as Gorevent popping up in places you wouldn't expect. Japan is a nation of where you normally think of chibi anime characters or dumb pop groups, but within Niigata City, we come to terms that this nation has their very own Devourment knock off group.

Gorevent takes things almost in the step of replacing technicality's sake for a mainly slam approach (think Cephalotripsy but with a little more dynamic). I mean sure, looking for something "technical" in a slam band is probably a really stupid thing to even suggest, but it serves a breath of fresh air while hearing nothing but slam riffs after a while that musical units such as Abomninable Putridity and Ingested offer in-between their slams. This band, however, nearly overlays its listener with repetitive slams, blast beats and gurgled guttural growls. I mostly favor the drums out of all the instruments on this release. I think the drums have a really awesome tone to them. I love how they sound. The drummer is pretty vivid in his dynamic approach and ability. He perfect double-bass patterns while gravity blasting off his snare, all set in a tone I wouldn't change one bit. His kit has a sound I would want every slam band to sound. However, as for the vocals, this is where it gets a little bit downhill...

I will admit the vocals are thick and fresh (at first...), but grow old after about the third track. Their vocalist has absolutely no variety and kind of makes the record a bore that bears past his potential to have made it a bit more exciting. The vocals get the job done, but let's look at Cephalotripsy for a second. Vocalist Angel Ochoa (the most boring brutal death growler I've probably ever heard) at least mixes things up, offering pig squeals every now and then rather than the same croaky growl he would blow out verse by verse. Here in Gorevent, we have a singer surpassing Ochoa by my standards by his guttural growl factor, but the potential fun of his vocals is spoiled by little to no variety in his voice. I await the day for a legit slam band to put out an album with some screams, some gutturals and some midrange growls. Why don't slam bands get that you can deliver more fun in your vocals than just gutturals every second? Especially if they grow old sooner or later by the tone of your voice....

The band midway through the album attempt to keep the listener from falling asleep while packing in an ambient track entitled "Gate of Hell", but doesn't serve long until the rest of the album feels like it's a blunder of the same thing you just heard. However, sooner or later, a worthwhile track appears. What's this? A bit of a different sound to everything else displayed for the past 20 minutes? Why yes, the song "Gallows" shows a little more expertise to this musical group's semi-variety. But one song isn't going to save you now, Gorevent.

I almost gave this album a higher score because it's fun and fresh at first, but gets rather boring quickly. Gorevent have tons of potential, but it feels like this was rushed and wasn't really looked over that much as a final product before its release. Otherwise, maybe the band intentionally wanted to sound as boring as Cephalotripsy's Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies? Beats me, but all I can say is that this is a long way away from competing to the likes of Molesting the Decapitated. The album is thankfully short, standing at 8 tracks.
If you need slams, this is for you. Otherwise, maybe just download 2 or 3 songs for your iPod and trash the rest.