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Consistent and steady - 70%

730, September 12th, 2018

The Faroese metal scene has been rising lately, with brutal death metal band Goresquad being the latest addition. The band, which consists of the vocalist and guitarist Cuntcrusher, guitarist Mutilator Axeman, Lord of Vomit as bass player and backing vocalist and drummer Brutalizer has strong ties with other well known Faroese metal acts such as Reduced to Ash, Earth Divide and Hamferð. Mutilation Chamber, is Goresquad's first release.

Mutilation Chamber starts with a spoken word intro, that only those well versed in Faroese understand, with distorted guitars in the background. The riffing starts slowly, but steady, while building up a well orchestrated wall of brutality. Things pick up the pace in the next song with eardrum-­pounding beat and mandatory guitar squeals. Goresquad are certainly not trying to reinvent the wheel, nor do they claim to be doing so, but doing their own spin on a well-tested formula and it works really well out.

Mutilation Chamber is well written and is consistent and steady. It's a very well executed death metal EP. It's hard ­hitting and brutal, and sounds great. Not too polished, but not too lo-­fi either. My only problem with it is that it's a bit short and leaves me wanting more, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. It tells you they are doing things right.

Originally written for Halifax Collect.