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Terribly pathetic and futile music - 1%

barrage, March 7th, 2009

What is with the onslaught of goregrind and grindcore bands?! These guys are a bunch of yobs who step into a studio:
1) Mutter and scream some crap into the microphone.
2) The guitarists play the same guitar riff over and over again. (on their down tuned guitars in an attempt to sound heavy)
3) The bassist does his level best to sound audible. (epic fail)
4) The drummer punches in multiple blast beats and terrible ride, snare hits.

This is absolute, incorrigible, deplorable and despicable crap. (Also known as shit) Gorerotted started off okay but have turned into a pretty appalling band who sound like another band who played that riff you just heard, who sound like yet another band who played that riff you just heard. This has to stop. This is unfortunately classified as music, which is pathetic as grindcore sounds more like a mouse, a cat, a dog and a dogcatcher thrown into a small room and a microphone was kept in there to record the ruckus. Maybe the above concoction may sound more distinct.

Coming back to the music on this album, it is just a shade short of terrible and feeble put together, added with a bit of dreadful and frightful. And the song names?? ‘Stab Me Till I Cum’ – is this a frail attempt to copy Cannibal Corpse. Just because both bands lyrics are gory and about zombies doesn’t give Gorerotted the right to take a CC song and desecrate its name. ‘Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten,’ is three minutes and twenty four seconds of your life you're not getting back; it’s shoddy and pretty depressing simply because you can’t get jack of what’s going on. If these guys think that they can be the CC of goregrind they have another thing coming. ‘Mutilated in Minutes,’ and ‘Bed 'Em, Behead 'Em’ are both tracks running on a lost cause and so are the other tracks.

Final Verdict – 1% for sitting and wasting 26:06 minutes of the producers’ time and for their “attempt” to write an album called ‘Mutilated in Minutes’.