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Turn up loud and enjoy - 90%

Necro44, March 15th, 2013

While many positive aspects of death metal have certainly given it a legacy as a genre, run-of-the-mill themes of gore and blasphemy have proven to be a point of contention with many listeners. Clearly, many bands use more sophisticated themes such as philosophy and personal struggles, and yet primal depictions of bloodshed and death have been used as a sort of scapegoat for a variety of bands in the genre. With that said, what do you get when such lyricism is simultaneously satirized and accompanied by wonderfully high-quality compositions? You get Gorerotted.

While firmly rooted in brutal death metal a la Cannibal Corpse, Gorerotted added a few unique touches to their sound. To start off, there were two vocalists in the group, with Ben Goreskin (interesting stage name, huh?) doing low grunts/growls while Mr. Gore would do high-pitched shouts and screams. It's basically the female-and-male "Beauty and the Beast" vocal contrast, but instead the "beauty" is replaced with another "beast." Mixed in with the non-stop bludgeoning riffs, the band's music is not exactly "easy listening"... and their first hellride of an album isn't any different.

Whereas the band's next two efforts would inject some maturity into the band's sound, Mutilated in Minutes is pure, raw deathgrind/death metal. There are no unnecessary embellishments, just a full-on assault of aural intensity. However, the first thing you may notice is the humor they brought to the song titles. With such family-friendly tunes such as "Put Your Bits in a Concrete Mix" and "Gagged, Shagged, Bodybagged," how could you go wrong? The latter number is probably the album's best cut as well, mixing nice tempo variations with a knack for consistently engaging songwriting. Once the blast-beat section (right after the intro portion) occurs and everything gets cranked up, there's absolutely no going back; the intensity remains constant by that point. Plus, when Mr. Gore mentions that he's pulling down his "trousers" to perform the titular act to his victim, one can't help but laugh at his delivery of these lyrics, especially in contrast to such brutal music. Another highlight with a similarly funny name, "Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten," starts unconventionally with a slow pummeling groove with the occasional drum fill to bring some variety into the mix. The payoff to this build-up is extraordinary, with Mr. Gore screaming at the top of his lungs to a crushing ascending riff. The various speed metal and breakdown sections that follow are equally as entertaining, definitely a showcase for the members' level of playing variety.

Most of the songs are short, sweet, and to the point. Very rarely do any of the tracks feel like they're dragging; in fact, most of them feel like a blur after they've concluded. However, this is actually a good thing; the album demands multiple listens, and while the record as a whole is short, its replay value is enormous because of these repeated plays. Songs like "Put Your Bits in a Concrete Mix" and "Corpse F*cking Art" are mainly to be taken at face value, but others, such as the aforementioned "Gut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten" and the title track need more than one earful to take in all the nuances behind the initial storm of riffs and growls. It's also worth it to hear such morbidly hilarious dialogue in each song; be prepared though, it's tough to make out what they're saying most of the time, so have a lyric website on standby.

The only slight flaw is that the record is indeed very short. While I stated earlier that the replay value is high, that's only for the people that can actually stomach this style of music. If the concept of listening to a full Napalm Death or Obituary album is a difficult task to complete for you, then get as far away from this record as you can; it absolutely will not sway you into more extreme music if you aren't accustomed to it. People who are, however, are in for a bloody treat, one of both twisted humor and exceptionally well-composed extreme metal.

Utter Satisfaction - 83%

AnyoneForSomeGrind, January 3rd, 2013

Firstly, I must invite you to discredit the 1% review, though you probably have already; surely no impartial review would warrant such a score. Something would have to be impressively awful to be thought of as that bad. And if it's impressively bad or just plain abhorrent, that's something! Some people just dig bad music anyways. I'd like to think any album deserves more than this, simply for managing to arrange and release it if nothing else. Personally, I couldn't even score an artist/band I despised that low - there's always at least some merit!

That aside, I'd really love to score this album higher still, but comparatively I don't think I can admit it to the top 15% of all music, ever. Sadly, this album can be a little dull in parts if you're quickly bored by repetition or relentlessness. This album is grounded by these two features. Not that it's a point against the album, some of the best music is both repetitious and relentless, but there really are very few places to stop for a breather in this album. Gorerotted didn't mind sticking to fairly simple song structures either, but goddamn does this album hit the spot.

Definitely a band to unleash some energy to. Definitely a release. The album is fairly wonderfully illustrated and really captures the hyperbolic image they seem to go for. It's not just things like the artwork or the pun in the band name though. Perusing the lyrics blatantly reveals their blackened sense of humour. It's not any one line (although " Emaciated stiff, Nauseating tepid whiff" as a way of starting a song about necrophilia is blissfully funny) but the album as a whole that tickles you. Sometimes the lyrics are just straightforward gore though, it has to be said. Some of the laughs, I'll admit, might be lost if you're not all that familiar with British humour, but we delight in twisting words for amusement - "Severed, Sawn, and Sold as Porn" is such a beautifully crude rhyme about such a detestable idea!

Enough about all that thematic bollocks! How's the actual music? Well, like I said it's pretty constant, aggressive and overall well put together. No one instrument is lost in the music, both vocalists compliment each other exceptionally well even in their differing styles, and each song grinds on quite pleasantly. There are a few really crackin' riffs on this album, and some excellent opportunities for a sing-along too. But what I really love about this album is the way it can feel so sloppy and yet so driven at the same time; it's such a disgusting yet wholesome sound. The opening of "Bed 'Em, Behead 'Em" is a great example of this. It's quite an impacting start with a solid chunky riff warming you up, swept along encouragingly by the bass and drums, which roll in promptly after. Yet at the same time, the guitar sound is chokingly distorted, the infinitesimally small drum roll sounds rushed and the song shamelessly blasts on thickening and thinning at whim. The result is, I think, almost overwhelming energy, it's almost as if the music wants to get on with itself!

Good for: exercising to, pissing off neighbours, a very agressive wank.


the16th6toothson, May 7th, 2009

This particular release I found to be rather addicting when it was initially released and still by this time it holds up pretty well and in regards to albums from this century, I would personally rank it fairly high. I played it just earlier today (May 7th 2009) on my way to work and figured I would dig up an old review I wrote when the album was new and tweak it a bit to reflect how i feel now.

Too Deathmetal to be grind, to grind to be Deathmetal, Gorerotted perfectly blurs the lines, they are deathgrind!
While they aren’t the most original troop in the extreme music army they inject a large dose of much needed fun to the genre. The lyrics and vocal patterns have a total sing-a-long style to them. I can’t help but to compare this band to the great Pungent Stench, not so much musically but ideologically. Gorerotted is all about having a good time, but while Pungent Stench relied mostly on dirty grooves, Gorerotted leans more towards the intense side of things. Tracks like “Put your bits in a concrete mix”; “Cut Gut, Beaten, Eaten” and “Gagged Shagged and Bodybagged” may already be classic tracks with their demanding hooks. Also elements of Macabre’s twisted black humor saturated sing-a-long appeal weave their way in and out. There is very little in the way of ‘’utter brutality’’ or ‘’bowel evacuating heaviness’’; Gorerotted’s appeal is in their frivolous and intoxicating nature. A band and album for those certainly looking to ‘’just have fun’’ while still being thrown head first into the savage and intense aesthetics that DeathMetal and Grind embodies.

Vocally Gorerotted is split between one piggish grunter ape/man hybrid and one ranting cockney accented nutcase who sounds like a hyperactive Jeff Walker with throat cancer and some rather vile anger management issues. The two belt forth some pretty caustic and rather intoxicating verses and share a chemistry that was always and will always be unmatched. The vocals in some ways are the selling point for this album, you’re going to be treated with some splatstick style humor coinciding perfectly with the Macabre-esque back and forth hook laden vocals. Hell, the vocals are so catchy that when placed along with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics; the cartoon style cover art takes on a whole new meaning. …just reiterating once more this album is focused mostly on the ’’fun’’ atmosphere, if you crave things to be 100% serious, 100% of the time you would probably despise this!

The guitar work is pretty abrasive and raw yet clear in the mix, it’s nothing to shit your pants over but Gorerotted isn’t about being flashy, it’s all about those sharp-turn’n’snap-your-spine hook laden riffs and arrangements with a headstrong nod to you guessed it; “just having fun”!
The bass stands out well with a fairly clean tone in contrast to the guitars’ dirtier sound leaving a lasting audible impression. Post-‘’Mutilated in Minutes’’ the bass playing more or less followed the guitar lines besides a few notable instances, so if you enjoy the great bass styling on this release-don’t expect the same from the other releases. Not that the bass playing on other Gorerotted releases is terrible, just not as fun and as in your face as it was here. Of course the vice versa scenario works as well, if this is the GoreRotted release you *haven’t* heard, expect the bass playing to take on a more noticeable role.
The drum work on this is quite tight and enjoyable, while triggered to hell and back (sounds a lot like the drum sound on Regurgitation’s Tales of Necrophilia album) the drum mix sounds damn powerful and particularly violent at times. There are some blasts and fills on here that while not complex are quite complimentary to the songs; there is also a sturdy steady stream of double bass flowing through the album that solidifies the infectious nature of the songs. A very energetic performance and once again, I think after this and especially after ‘’Only Tools and Corpses’’ the drum work really took a back seat so yet again, you’re going to hear a more vibrant band here than you will on subsequent releases.

The overall presentation sounds great and I couldn’t ask for a different nor better suited production job here, the bass is up front and never does everything blur into obscurity. It’s unfortunate that the band never had such a raw sound like this again, I think this more natural sound (besides the drum triggers) could and would have made an album like ‘’A New Dawn for the Dead’’ come across much stronger and potent.

Musically you could further compare Gorerotted to early Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, pre-Whisper Supremacy Cryptopsy and heaps of others, but I think that while those references may describe to a degree Gorerotted’s sound they do not represent their ideas and style. They are much more than “just another band with heavy riffs who sing about blood and guts”.
If anything this is perhaps the drunken coagulation of the aforementioned along with the previously name dropped Macabre and Pungent Stench, spiced with some Blood Duster; all being played simultaneously with a viewing of any earlier film by Peter Jackson AND the Monty Python troupe at the same time (how is THAT for a comparison!).

I wish I could recommend this to anyone and everyone reading but I know for many the silliness that weaves itself in and out of the albums duration will leave some shaking their heads…
But if you like it intense, unashamed in it’s catchiness and often downright goofy-highest recommendation!

Terribly pathetic and futile music - 1%

barrage, March 7th, 2009

What is with the onslaught of goregrind and grindcore bands?! These guys are a bunch of yobs who step into a studio:
1) Mutter and scream some crap into the microphone.
2) The guitarists play the same guitar riff over and over again. (on their down tuned guitars in an attempt to sound heavy)
3) The bassist does his level best to sound audible. (epic fail)
4) The drummer punches in multiple blast beats and terrible ride, snare hits.

This is absolute, incorrigible, deplorable and despicable crap. (Also known as shit) Gorerotted started off okay but have turned into a pretty appalling band who sound like another band who played that riff you just heard, who sound like yet another band who played that riff you just heard. This has to stop. This is unfortunately classified as music, which is pathetic as grindcore sounds more like a mouse, a cat, a dog and a dogcatcher thrown into a small room and a microphone was kept in there to record the ruckus. Maybe the above concoction may sound more distinct.

Coming back to the music on this album, it is just a shade short of terrible and feeble put together, added with a bit of dreadful and frightful. And the song names?? ‘Stab Me Till I Cum’ – is this a frail attempt to copy Cannibal Corpse. Just because both bands lyrics are gory and about zombies doesn’t give Gorerotted the right to take a CC song and desecrate its name. ‘Cut, Gut, Beaten, Eaten,’ is three minutes and twenty four seconds of your life you're not getting back; it’s shoddy and pretty depressing simply because you can’t get jack of what’s going on. If these guys think that they can be the CC of goregrind they have another thing coming. ‘Mutilated in Minutes,’ and ‘Bed 'Em, Behead 'Em’ are both tracks running on a lost cause and so are the other tracks.

Final Verdict – 1% for sitting and wasting 26:06 minutes of the producers’ time and for their “attempt” to write an album called ‘Mutilated in Minutes’.

Hur Hur, Me Paint My Self Red And Be Brutal! - 82%

TheMoor, August 7th, 2003

Right. What have we here? Gorerotted is certainly a band with a very so-so image, painted red on stage and all. Actually when I think about it, I really have to see them live someday...... He he. Nonetheless, what we have here is descent gore metal. Mondo Medicale or Necroticism this isn't, still not bad though. The vocals are on pretty much all the time, and you really must admit that the two vocalists work together with their different vocals. More often than not, you will here them both working at the same time, and that undeniably sounds very cool.

The lyrics are standard gore metal. So if you're into that sort of thing, (or you just don't really care about lyrics, like me) theres plenty of violence, slitted throats and decapitated civilians to be found on this record. Gotta admit that the whole thing is pretty damn catchy, as is most gore metal really. Oh yeah, if you dig "UUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" type growls, theres plenty on this album.

As said though, if you're the type that want technical solos and stuff like that, this probably ain't what you're looking though. I must admit, the lack of solos really hurts it a bit though, and it therefore can't achieve a better ranking in my book. The band has great potential, methinks. Guys, throw in some solos on your next, and I'm gonna send you a love letter. Yeah.