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Gorephilia and Undergang - 85%

dismember_marcin, December 2nd, 2019

Now a split 7", which I think is absolutely a mandatory piece of black wax for every death metal maniac. Gorephilia and Undergang are bringing their filth here – so, we have two such killer bands, YES!!! - and obviously both of them did an amazing job. And I'm sorry if my words won't be critical enough or this review will be too short. But I worship this sort of death metal and these two bands too much to even think about being critical and picky about this or that. And two songs do not really require a long elaborate, right?

Gorephilia unleashes hell with "Tranquility of War (Perpetual Chaos Vortex)" and what a fantastic song this is! I love it 100%, these vicious, obscure riffs, which can even remind you the best days of Morbid Angel. I love the intensity, great sound, dark atmosphere and ghoulish growls of Henri Kuula. This song has everything to blow your head off, even absolutely great guitar solo at the end... Gorephilia music is very traditional, it's so called old school death metal, but it still sounds fresh, not boring or repetitive, but powerful and inspiring. Well, if that isn't best quality death metal, then I don't know what is for you. Gorephilia are one of the best bands nowadays, so it's a real shame to know what happened to Henri. I'm glad though that the band is still active. Amazing song.

Undergang's "Ud af mit gode skind" sounds much more mouldy and brutal, much more primitive and gory when compared to Gorephilia. Their style of death metal is kind of archaic, I guess? I mean, this is really savage and unpleasant music, and when I listen to it I can picture a most horrid creature coming out from the swamp or catacombs, spreading odious smell and terror. And Torturdød's vocals would exactly fit this creatures' guttural sounds. Anyway, Undergang always delivers some great, crushing, chunky riffs and the atmosphere of their music is always eerie and disgusting. "Ud af mit gode skind" is no different. If you liked what they have recorded on their other releases, I am sure you will like this song also.

Verdict: 85/100