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Simplicity of Decay - 90%

Nattskog7, August 5th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, 12" vinyl, Me Saco un Ojo Records (Limited edition, 2 colors)

Finnish death metal masters Gorephilia are back with their highly anticipated third album.

A cavernous array of gorgeously grotesque riffs and tight, riveting drum work launches us into a crushing and atmospheric display of pure rotten death metal excellence. The vocals are just as meaty and visceral as the killer instrumental work, showcasing the ferocious tightness of Finnish musicians nailing extreme metal as well as ever. Convulsing with cosmic dissonance and ruthlessly morbid execution, there is no denying Gorephilia are back on top form, returning after “Severed Monolith” leaves a huge task of living up to such a phenomenal record but it is evident that Gorephilia have not lost touch or run out of ideas.

Devastating transitions from one brilliant riff to another ceaselessly impresses, while the drums have more than enough variety to keep up. Gorephilia has never been a one trick horse, always utilising a diverse yet completely coherent arsenal of extremities. Jukka’s songwriting and vocals have improved in their technicality while retaining the morbid swing we all know and love, while his counterparts work in perfect harmony to really hammer in the nails of total carnage. Amidst the cavernous assaults, we see yawning portals of atmospheric excellence that draw out in a resplendent manner to truly mesmerise you while rebuilding to a chaotic attack that can reappear at any given moment. There is plenty of groove to keep things catchy and enough dissonant twists to give it a tasteful edge while the vanquishing brutality and atmosphere stays the main focus of the record, as it should.

Although very rhythm-oriented with a catchy and utterly monolithic approach, there is no weakness in the lead work either with melodic soloing that is truly wonderful, working in contrast but suitably with the rancid riffing and obliterating drums. The dripping textures in the doomy sections are utterly gorgeous in the most odious fashion, with similarities to their countrymen Krypts, Hooded Menace and Solothus appearing subtly in the cascading darkness. These comparisons are not to infer a stolen sound however, as Gorephilia are as recognisable as ever. Three albums in and this band has not faltered once at delivering maniacal, filthy and spectral death metal at its finest.

Hauntingly dark, venomously aggressive and uniquely distinguished, Gorephilia are among some of the finest purveyors of true gruesome old school death metal in the Finnish way. Coated in doomy morbidity, festering with slimy riffs and with monstrous drums and vocals to ensure a visceral and unrelenting experience. Do not allow yourself to miss this album if you care at all about death metal, it is total macabre ecstasy.

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