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Straight Up Death with a Modern Polish - 78%

MrMetalpants, January 1st, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Me Saco un Ojo Records

I passively listened to 2017's Severed Monolith but never ended up writing a review for it. I honestly can't remember how I felt about it, but it must not have made too much of an impact since I have very little remembrance of it. This time around I'm not gonna sleep on the solid band Gorephilia. Their Morbid Angel meets Deicide makes for a wonderful combo.

The sound, as noted in the title, is straight death metal but the production and certain flair gives it a wholly moderns sound. I kept drawing similarities to mid-late career Deicide, like at 2:24 on "Walls of Weeping Eyes. Really that whole track feels like an homage to Deicide, but maybe that's me. 1:08 on "Perceptual Procession" and "Devotion upon the Worm" have specific Dominion-era Morbid Angel vibe. Granted, "Ouroboran Labyrinth" definitely could have been a cut track from Covenant (I must point out the absolutely ferocious moment at 1:57 on the prior track. It's a highlight on the album).

There is some solid guitar playing throughout. Not technically impressive but the riffage has some twists and turns I found enjoyable to follow. 0:54 has one of these atypical moments. The lead guitar solo on "Perceptual Procession" not only has soul and an interesting flow (rather than your standard scales-for-solo) that I love in death metal. 'Simplicity of Decay" has great riffage too and is one of the stronger tracks. The bass comes out to play on "Simplicity of Decay" with a nice watery rumble effect on it that I didn't notice elsewhere.

The drums mess around well with the riffage on "Perceptual Precession" with the regular variation and off-tempo beats that follow the at time arhythmic riffs. "Simplicity of Decay" has more of these moment. I'm realizing, though, that a lot of these tracks have solid drums and only rarely do I find myself not paying attention to the drums. The drums are balanced well and I really appreciate how they were mixed. The overall music is a large wall of sound but it is all balanced well with a nice polish to them.

The vocals are enjoyable but rely too much on effects. Whether it's an insane echo or a duplication of the boc track to give it even more of an echo. I'd enjoy the music much more if the vocals were a little more straightforward. I don't mind the Morbid Angel knock off vocals, and even find them endearing at times.

Favorite tracks:
-Perpetual Procession
-Simplicity of Decay
-Walls of Weeping Eyes

Technical skill: 86% Song writing: 78% Production: 72% Originality: 79%