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Perfect death metal - 100%

Kaleidozcope, July 11th, 2018

This one is one of my favorite death metal release ever and I´ll tell you why. Gorement was a Swedish death metal band that started playing at 1989 under the ridiculous name of Testicle Perspirant, but they started to get attention in the underground scene with their demos "Human Relic" and "Obsequies...". On those demos, Gorement had a more typical Swedish sound thing that is not bad, but the band would improve A LOT with their album and mythic debut "The Ending Quest".

"The Ending Quest" doesn´t sound too Swedish on the production or guitar tone, this is not your buzzsaw Swedish death metal recorded in Sunlight Studios. Indeed Gorement are closer to a "finndeath" style than a Swedish one. They practice a very low tuned death metal with doom metal influences, the groove and some tempo changes remind me structurally the music of their country scene (Sweden).

The thing that blows me more my mind is the synergy that these musicians have. It´s absolutely incredible. The bass is very audible and it is synchronized perfectly with the rhythmic section. The cohesion and understanding of how to do a death metal record are top notch. Very few albums know death metal this well. Gorement aren´t innovators. They grab influences from several bands and blend it wisely. This is an example of a group that perfects everything that has been already done and take it into the stratosphere.

Another point that makes "The Ending Quest" aside the faultless instrumental performances from all the musicians is the atmosphere that creates. The ambient is gloomy, REALLY dark, quite depressive, but incredibly relaxing. There is something here that makes the music chilling, a similar thing happens with "Silence of the Centuries" by Depravity. A death metal album that makes your imagination fly and transport you to other places is gold. Its weight is worth in gold, adamantium, diamond or whatever the hell you want.

The lyrics are outstanding, they are poetic, sorrowful yet beautiful. It´s very rare to find an album in this genre with such lyrical content. Oftenly in death metal the bands write about zombies, horror movies, gore, satanism, occultism, etc. and is not a bad thing I really like bands that take these horror aesthetics, after all we are talking about death metal and it´s normal to have lyrics of "death" to scare people, but I appreciate when a band goes against the flow and try to make something different, but without losing the focus or forgetting the type of music they are playing. Gorement does not forget the type of music they are playing, they know what they have to do, but they know what they have to do to be different, creative and in certain way rebels in a musical movement that is supposed to be a rebel. Going against the flow in a place where everyone is going against the flow.

"The Ending Quest" is as good as "Left Hand Path". I´m not comparing them directly with Entombed because they sound very different. I´m comparing the quality, the songwriting and the understanding of how to compose perfect death metal.

If you haven´t listened to this. What are you waiting for? Go and check this out. If you are an old school fan this will blow your head off.