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Pulverizing heaviness - 92%

Drowned, December 10th, 2005

Gorement were a very popular band within the underground in their heyday. They released two demo tapes of downtuned, grinding death metal and then slightly shifted their style into a more melodic direction for their "Into Shadows" EP and extremely obscure full-length on Crypta Records. This second demo, "Obsequies...", was also released as a 7" by After World Records only months after the tape version came out.

"Obsequies..." consists of three songs and a short acoustic intro piece. The production here is excellent. All of the instruments sound strong, particularly the guitars which are downtuned beyond belief. Just imagine the guitar tone on Marduk's "Fuck Me Jesus" demo but even lower. The vocals are deep, malignant growls similar to the ones used by Necrony and Uncanny. Gone are the redundant processed vocals from the first demo tape. The only time such vocals are used here is briefly towards the end of "Process of Cent".

Necrony is definitely the closest thing I would compare this to. The production, execution and song structure on their 7" and "Pathological Performances" CD is extremely similar to what Gorement offer here. I wouldn't go as far as to say that one band ripped off the other, but there was definitely some shared inspiration there. The songs on this demo are completely killer, but they don't really stand out individually. Rather, the best way to experience the tape is to listen to it as a whole. The first two tracks are the fastest, where the drummer uses the most blastbeats and double bass kicking. "Obsequies of Mankind" is more mid-paced and even has some eerie keyboard effects in the beginning. There's also a couple catchy riffs used later on that are reminiscent of Grotesque.

While Gorement don't get any points for originality, this demo is definitely worth hearing as it was one of the heaviest and most downtuned recordings to come out of Sweden at the time. And having been released on cassette, 7" and now on CD, you shouldn't have much trouble finding some sort of copy of this.