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Fun as shit - 82%

Noktorn, April 15th, 2010

This is a really fun record and a lot better than anything Cattle Decapitation has ever done! In fact, I can say that Goregast is really at the top of the animal-rights-supporting death/grind field!

Well, maybe after Animals Killing People. The fact that there's a field at all is kind of distressing.

I guess this is most similar to a groovier, less spastic Haemorrhage, with a similar dual-vocal assault and punk overtones that wouldn't at all be unfamiliar to the Spaniards. Despite the clear and present grind influence on this record, there's not much in the way of blasting; if anything, this operates quite similarly to a super updated and streamlined version of old NYDM or Swedeath, with dark, ominous midpaced riffs taking up a lot of this music. When this is juxtaposed with the punk and goregrind elements, you get something quite curious and surprisingly original even if you can tell where all the different pieces are from.

Goregast has an incredible knack for writing simple, catchy midpaced death metal riffs, which is a good thing as they take up most of the album. Taking after bands like Murder Squad in several places, the riffing style is dark and somewhat dissonant and manages to be catchy and great despite its absolute simplicity. There's a certain rock and roll flair to these tracks which is executed really well; much of this music is just moving from groove to groove like a more laid-back Bloodbastard, but the band is so good at crafting those grooves that you barely ever notice that they've been dwelling around what amounts to the same five or so chords for the entire album.

This is certainly not very sophisticated music but it's superbly well made and infinitely more listenable than most modern death metal. If you enjoy bands like Jungle Rot, Bloodbastard, Cock And Ball Torture, or any other modern grooving death metal bands, you should absolutely pick this up; it's great fun and stays great through a number of listens.