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Keeps Rising - 79%

Daru_Jericho, October 13th, 2008

Gorefest split up in 1995 but reunited again in 2005, signing with Nuclear Blast. A lot of the Dutch death metal band criticized the death ‘n’ roll efforts of the reformed band but Rise To Ruin might just be the cohesive to stick the fans to the band again and restore faith.

The death ‘n’ roll sound has in practice been extinguished and replaced with a modernised observation of old death metal with a more European tint and a touch of melody in the ensemble. The musicianship is good although more creativity would have pushed this release into much higher opinions of people.

‘Revolt’ is like a solid punch to the face. The drumming in the introduction is thunderous, the guitars are catchy and the vocals are suitably coarse. It is a good representation of what the listener will be listening to for the next 45 minutes.

The album is a showcase in thick heavy guitar riffing, frequently varied and decorated with melodies and scorching solos, although at times these solos can appear to be fairly brief and leaves you begging for more, such as on ‘Babylon’s Whores’.

The biggest downfall of this full-length is the track ‘Murder Brigade’. This track is simply filler, offering nothing new or interesting to the album, unlike all the other songs present.

Overall, this is a well assessed collection of death metal songs with various tempos, a good use of melody and the odd sample here and there, used incredibly sparingly. Gorefest are back on the death metal track with this one. Recommended to all death metal fans.

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