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Meh... - 56%

rusted_cage, May 31st, 2011

Once upon a time, Gorefest was one of the finest death metal acts hailing from the Netherworld. Such a pity that they didn't last long in that league. If you enjoyed their debut masterpiece I can't really assure you that this one will really get you in the mood. Let's start for the production. There's too much "plastic". While the first effort sounded just massive (we won't talk about the demos since they were raw and crude as fuck, but easily their best stuff to me), it also involves lots of melody here and there instead of monolithic brutality, something I didn't really like. Vocals by Jan-Chris are fine, really not bad at all, but they sound waaaay weaker than the "Mindloss" ones, which were astonishingly savage. Let's talk about compositions. They are far from being bad. In fact, these are great songs, but sometimes a review doesn't exactly collide with objectiveness and the fact that I miss so much primitiveness, violence,, that these young fellas really know how to develop is enough for me to give it a poor rating.

Just compare their openers. Killer and straight to the bone "Mental Misery" can't be matched with the decaffeinated "The Glorious Dead", nor with the dark melodies of "Confessions of a Serial Killer" with "Reality - When You Die", and I could list more examples endlessly. But I'd rather stick to my copy of the 1st album instead of writing pointless essays. I know, maybe they reached maturity with "False". Those songs are perfect. The leads are memorable and all that jazz, folks. But I still prefer the angry bastards who wrote "Tangled in Gore" and sung "Putrid Stench of Human Remains" with such blood- red eyes. The continuation sounds too much like "life metal" to me.