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The epitome of Gorefest - 95%

morbert, August 30th, 2007

What we have here is the quintessential Gorefest death metal album. I had been following the band since the release of their second demo ‘Horrors in a Retarded Mind’. After their Mindloss album half the line up changed. Welcome to Ed Warby on drums and Boudewijn Bonebakker on lead guitar. This had a huge impact on the sound, technique and songwriting.

The band had left their one dimensional polka death metal with gore lyrics behind and released a very mature album which not only included some industrial and doom influences but also blast speed drums, ingenious licks and leads and lyrics about religious wars, neonazi’s, depression, dedicated followers of fashion and so on.

Produced by Colin Richardson the album had a state of the art sound that still sounds relevant and brutal in 2007. Opener ‘The Glorious Dead’ is by far the most brutal song even to have been recorded by Gorefest. Raging death metal with furious vocals. ‘State Of Mind’ is a mid tempo pounder on which the first Godflesh inspired dissonant guitar chords can be heard.

‘Reality When You Die’ is yet another highlight. The intro is simply mind blowing. Eerie and beautiful. The songs then continues in a very doomy Bolt Throwerish way and slowly builds up speed until reaching maximum at 3:57 minutes and ending the same way the song started. An excellent composition with great dynamics, changes of key, pace and catchiness.

‘Get A Life’ is the song on which you can most clearly hear the Godflesh influences. Just check out the intro. The additional screams on the chorus are simply very cool and once again it is a real catchy tune. The next real highlight is ‘Second Face’ on which the verses and chorus strongly refer to their previous album and I wonder if the song was actually written in that period.

After all this magnificence the album proceeds with three decent songs which are enjoyable but not quite as brilliant as the rest. Best songs: ‘The Glorious Dead’, ‘Reality When You Die’, ‘Get-a-Life’ and ‘Second Face’. If you like Death Metal, this is one of the classics.