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Equal to the first - 95%

Noktorn, March 4th, 2009

This is a very different beast from the previous full-length, but it's probably equal in quality. The material on 'False' is genuinely ahead of its time, and is certainly a major progression of the primitive, brute death metal of 'Mindloss'. The material here is substantially more refined than the Autopsy-influenced sludge-death found on 'Mindloss', and overall this music is more articulate and clean. It still has the nastiness and filth that early Gorefest is known for, but the piece is more polished this time around, making for an album that loses a bit of the horror of 'Mindloss' but makes up for it in more varied songs.

Oldschool DM chugging and tremolo riffs still take up the majority of the guitars on 'False', but now new, hypermelodic yet still brutal sections will appear from time to time, quite similar to what one might find on Dismember's 'Death Metal'. Some strangely atmospheric, almost Godflesh-influenced passages pop up from time to time with murky chord structures and strange dissonance, but don't let any of this scare you away: this is still fundamentally a death metal despite its (excellent) use of outside influences.

The guttural, demonic roar of the vocals is still intact, as is the deft and subtle drum performance, but the material as a whole is augmented by an experimental edge far ahead of its time. With essentially all traces of thrash lost by this point, the song structures are now more sinuous and ever-expanding, with a main theme returning as denouement to a given song, with the intervening material ever-shifting and changing, with an almost endless supply of excellent riffs and winding leads barreling through the songs with all brutality and sickness perfectly intact.

While 'False' isn't as straightforward and purely oldschool as 'Mindloss', it's certainly one of the best examples I can think of of a death metal band using unusual elements to further the music's quality rather than being enslaved by the more experimental impulses. Gorefest manages to incorporate such influences naturally and unobtrusively into the fabric of the music without at any point feeling like less of a metal band due to the new inclusions. The usage of some of these elements is what turns 'False' from being merely very good to nearly essential for the dedicated death metal fan.

Like 'Mindloss', I would say that 'False' is certainly a somewhat underappreciated gem in the oldschool death metal scene which is deserving of more attention. Gorefest is a band which has been somewhat lost in the sea of high-profile oldschool DM groups, but with music like this and that of the previous album, there's no reason for them to go so widely ignored. If you haven't heard Gorefest before, pick up this album and the previous soon and enjoy a hidden bit of mastery in the morass of oldschool death metal.