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Nothing Special - 71%

FrayedEndsOfSanity39, October 8th, 2004

False actually starts out all right with The Glorious Death. Beginning with a quote, it quickly leads to a fast and deadly riff. Jan's vocals are rough, but not distorted like a lot of the new brutal death bands. The guitar isn’t bad either; the band definitely has some musical talent. There are some high solos too, something death metal bands miss out on often. It isn't melodic, but there is more of a melody to the album than say... bands like Mortician(the extreme example). Yet, after State of Mind the album becomes somewhat boring. The riffs aren't bad, but nothing special. The choruses soon become lacking.

One thing about this album is that it's very "headbangable", if you like to do such things. In fact, every track gives you a burst of energy. But, after listening to the album straight through a few times it turns bland. False isn't the greatest song either, kind of slow and drawn out. There's not a lot to say other than False is run of the mill death metal. It's kind of a lighter more melodic version of Gorguts(not my favorite band either). It doesn't have that "industrial" type sound that often arises in Soul Survivor. Also, it is less melodic than Soul Survivor, with less impressive solos. Anyway I wouldn't recommend it, there’s better death out there.