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Vile Putrid Death Metal From The Catacombs - 90%

optimuszgrime, February 28th, 2008

This is the better of Goreaphobia’s two demos. It has only two tracks but they are both so incredibly awesome that I see why they had to shut their project down. After releasing something this good it is often very hard to go on producing things of the same quality. This seemed to be their idea as well, for thy went into a long, putrid torpor after this recording. The sound on this is still dungeon death metal, but somewhat more polished. There are more blast beats on this recording, and the sound progressed just enough to keep the band interesting, but not too much, so that it sounds like a different band altogether. There are no stops or any sort of tinkering in this form of vile death metal, they still know that the most important thing n this music is the brutal, non-stop, heavy ass riffage! And they do deliver that, plenty of it in this 8 minute demo. If you feel like your death metal collection is complete, and you like old school American shit, then you need to get this, sadly now only available through a reissue or for download. Either way, this is most worth getting, for some very unique and driving riffs are present on this short masterpiece of brutal old school death metal.