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A Gem Of Undergound USDM - 85%

optimuszgrime, February 28th, 2008

I rarely write reviews for demos, especially ones that did not inspire any sort of movement or anything specific. The reason I am going to review Goreaphobia demos is because they released nothing else, and they were one hell of a band, from what I can tell. Their musical legacy is astounding, and their band history is fucking nuts. So chaotic a band line up has rarely been presented, and with all of this chaos, there is however a consistency in sound. Rarely does this happen, you cannot hear the difference in line up which leads me to believe that one person is writing the music, probably the only consistent member, Alex Bocus. The recording quality is not very bad, but its not too good either, in terms of demo days death metal, and in over all recording quality it is not too strong. However, the awesome grooves and awesome riffs more then make up for that. Everything is audible, but it’s all very quiet, the low ends are basically missing, and the entire thing distorts a little bit. The drums overpower everything else except the vocals. If you have Rottrevore’s ‘Copulation of the Wicked and Virtuous’ 7’’, you should know what I am talking about in terms of sound. The riffing is a little bit more old school then Rottrevore’s but many parallels can be drawn between the two bands. Fans of one are likely to be fans of the other. There are only three songs, and all of them are quiet distinct form one an other, but they are all mid-tempo chugging American death metal in the old school vein. There are some faster sections, and a good bit of double bass is also employed, but mostly the speed does not rise above the Obituary level. All in all it is very solid and very good sounding, and the atmosphere is that of decay and pestilence. A true gem of death metal classics.