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Ulcerous Infection And Gore - 82%

grain_silo, February 13th, 2012

As soon as you see this band name and album cover, you know what you’re in for. Gore plays straight goregrind but it’s different from a lot of goregrind I’ve heard. The intensity of this album with the insane vocals gives it a unique feel. Of course, people reading this will say something along the lines of, “Oh another goregrind band, must be a Carcass worship band.” Well I’m glad to say this is not Carcass worship. As with all goregrind, Carcass obviously has some influence in there but Gore gives it their own unique spin.

They seem to go more of the death metal/goregrind route rather than what bands like Regurgitate does and incorporates punkish riffs. Some of the awesome riffs on here could easily be incorporated into a band like Deicide or something along those lines. “Intestinal Pestilence” is the perfect example; awesome riffs mixed in with the insane blasting insanity. “Circle of Suffocation” is easily the best song on here. The thrashing part in the middle just makes the song. I also like the variety on this album. Every song is not just blasting the entire song. They incorporate a lot of thrash influence with an occasional punkish riff and rely heavily on extremely heavy riffs which are complimented by the pitch-shifted vocals.

Production is pretty much perfect. The guitars are perfect, nothing wrong with the guitars at all. The bass is audible and sounds pretty cool. The drums sound amazing. The thrashy parts are made even better because of the amazing drum sound. The vocals are pretty much all pitch-shifted. They are extremely guttural and with absolutely no lyrics in there at all. I only have two problems with the production. The snare sometimes gets lost during the really fast blast beats and the vocals are tiring after a while. I would’ve liked to hear a good scream every once in a while but it is all pitch-shifted. Much like Bile’s “Camp Blood.” Not really a bad thing but it could use a change. You hear one scream on “Exposed Guts” and it actually sounds really good but that’s pretty much the only one.

Gore plays pretty awesome goregrind. I would highly recommend this album to anyone who likes early Carcass, Bile, or Regurgitate.

Best tracks – “Circle of Suffocation”, “Attenuated Mutant Worms”, and “Unfinished Radiation”