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Awesome - 100%

PerArdua, August 29th, 2004

Gordian Knot plays instrumental progressive rock/metal. Now for the review.

1. Arsis: This track i usually skip over. It's just Sean Malone doing a bass solo, and showing off his immense bass skills.

2. Muttersprache: The song starts out with some groovy effects to get the song going. The song keeps the groovy feel into a clean part with some piano and effects backing. Now the song really gets going, the beat gets a little heavier and into a solo full of lengthy smooth legatos. Very nice musicianship here. Into a very progressive riff, then back those groovy effects from the beginning off the song and into the clean part with the nice backings, and a little solo over this one, it fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the song. Then into the climax of the song, a progressive part thats dominated by a nifty guitar riff with some atmospheric stuff in the background. Now we're back to the effects from the very beginning of the song. Then the song proceeds to pick up again with another funky solo, then ends on a nice progressive riff that was used in the song already. Great song.

3. A Shaman's Whisper: This song is more of a metal tune. The bass is also very present on this track. This track is full of "heavy" palm mutes and fancy solo licks. The next riff in this song is one of beaty, it uses the same chords (basically) as the beginning of the song and plays this solo riff over it, it's sounds absolutely awesome. Then a transition into a clean solo with just bass and drums behind it, with some harmonizing in the solo. Then in come the distorted guitars along with a nice solo, full of nice legatos. Then a quiet pause, sort of like the calm before the storm because you can anticipate that it's coming. Then into a very avant garde solo, it fits incredibely well with the mood of the song. From the solo it goes right into some funky chords which lead itself back into the progressive mood of the song, and into a nifty little off time clean solo, with some nice drumming. The song then returns to it's metal form with a solo and some more palm muted chords. The song proceeds to end on a cool little "solo riff." Great song aswell.

4. Fischer's Gambit: This song starts of with just bass and drums. Then enter the piano, it's almost like he is just improvising along with the drums and bass. Then in comes the acoustic guitar with a solo with some spanish guitar elements in it. This is a fairly long solo, but soon enough somewhat a riff shows it's head but still it's more of a solo, the piano reappars and the guitar plays solo that fits right along with what the piano is doing. A good track, but it's more a lengthy filler track.

5. Grace (live): This track is one of the most beatiful songs i've ever listened to. It's Sean Malone on the chapman stick, the only knock on it is that it's about 9 minutes long. I still enjoy it.

6. Some Brighter Thing: This song starts out with a nice groovy piano intro and some "tribal" drums playing backing. You soon are able to hear the guitars coming in, growing louder with ever beat. Then the song is in full bloom with a some guitar solo licks over the ever growing guitar. Then your into probably the only part of the CD where you can headbang, it's some palm muted chords with a solo. This doesn't last long, soon come in the same guitars that are used as cellos (like in "Grace") to back a progressive melody that has taken the place of the heavy spot. Soon the song is just downright progressive, weird riffs and solos out of seemingly nowhere, with a good bassline and some off time stuff. Then the song resumes to it's heaviness from before along with a solo, then they intertwine the heavy riff along with the progressive riff from the song making for a nice combo. A nice interlude between piano and drum then follows. This is where the song gets weird, the guitar is playing this very weird riff with some very weird drums. When it all stops, a solo emerges full of whammy bar wankage and some nice tapping. The solo continues on through another very odd part of the song. I can't even explain the riff behind the solo because it's quite weird. The song takes you back to it's roots with a solo that fits more of the normal style while still being original at the same time and the song comes to a close with a very nice outro, reminiscent of the intro of the song. Brilliant song, probably my favorite on the album.

7. The Brook the Ocean: This is another song that gives Sean Malone to show off his brilliance on Bass. After a quick intro, a bass solo comes appears. Soon after a drum solo then back to the intro, then the song ends. I usually skip this song, it's just an excuse for drum and bass solos.

8. Singing Deep Mountain: The intro is a nice guitar "solo riff" with some good drumming behind it. Soon a nice guitar solo to fit over the weird riff that guitarist is playing. Then the song picks up with the pianos, drums, bass, and guitars coming together for just a short while before going into a short guitar solo. Then all the instruments come together once again making for a very good sound. Then come the only "vocals" on the album and they aren't vocals at all, it's just "oohs and aahs" for a little while. This is followed by a nice piano interlude with drums and bass along for the ride. Soon comes a nice clean solo which soon becomes distorted, the solo gives a lot without doing much, it's got some very nice stuff. After the solo a slow riff comes in, which leads right into all the instruments coming together once again, and this leads right into an odd guitar solo followed with more ooh's and aah's to fit the melody. The song then fades away on a melody of just guitars being used like cellos again, this ends the album.

This is one of my favorite cd's in my collection and for a black/death head, that is saying something. This album gets 5/5