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Incredibly soothing - 95%

Laserhawk, February 6th, 2004

I swear, this is music to just hang out too. If you've heard the first Gordian Knot album, then you know what to expect here. There is the same Chapman Stick here, played by the creative and ingenius Sean Malone. There is still the highly groove-influenced drumming here, and the almost casual, laid-back shredding. For new Gordian Knot fans, yes you heard right. This isn't mindlessly fast, seemingly random, heartless shreddng. This is, believe it or not, very emotive shredding, done rather tastefully at that. The music's influence draws from a variety of genre's, such as jazz, rock, metal, and classical, and there's some i can't even identify.

Also any Cynic fans out there, A Shaman's Whisper features...the members of Cynic! Not only is that a must-have song for Cynic fanboys, but it is also an amazing song. Tremendous drumming and guitar-playing alike, it's also got it's fair share of groove and almost a funk feel to it. Just about the only thing on this album I don't like is the track "The Brook, The Ocean". It's basically just a glorified bass solo that gets boring after the first few listens. Other than that, pure perfection in the form of music.

Album Highlights - A Shaman's Whisper, Fischer's Gambit, Sing Deep Mountain