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Sensational Prog. Metal with Jazz Elements - 90%

KayTeeBee, October 23rd, 2004

This album mixes two styles together: Jazz and Prog Metal. The songwriting is absolutely fabulous, and the songs aren't too repetitive. It also has heaps of improvising (the first song is only bass improvising). The best part of this album after the jazzy riffs, is undoutably the incredibly improvised leads. Just gotta love extremely skilled guitarists and bassists jam together and make an album.
The first song on this album shows the bassists' potential. It's an instrumental bass-only track, and he just improvises and makes it sound very jazzy. The following two songs are my favourite. Mutterspache starts off with three guitars, one doing rhythm and the two others doing leads. They sort of do a delay, and that's very unique. The verse is amazing. It mainly focuses on piano and guitar, but the backing drum track is simply amazing. It actually gave me creeps. Right after it, one of those jaw-dropping leads. The song continues with progressive riffs throughout. The thing that interested me the most in this song is the very different structure. Leads of keyboards can come in at any time, which makes this one of the most unpredictable albums I've ever heard. Mutterspache is six minutes long, and I think it contains six or seven riffs. Unlike a lot of bands, Gordian Knot compose their songs in a very different way, and every song is well crafted,
and everything sounds extremely professional.

Don't expect this to be headbanging material. If you like interesting song structures, guitar improvisation, carefully played drums, progressive metal, and jazz, this album is perfect for you!