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Brutal Death Metal With a Sense of Humor - 77%

Conceived_in_Chaos, May 7th, 2009

Looking back at when I initially reviewed the album (a couple of years ago), I realized that my ears weren't properly adjusted to the ways of modern brutal death metal. "Tastes change" is the phrase most befitting of the situation. I also admit that I threw names of subgenres around haphazardly in the aforementioned review. My biggest oversight, however, was of how clever and intuitive this release actually was! While I still won't call the album revolutionary, but I will say it is worthy of a hefty amount of spins. Onward to the re-review...

The album opens up with a sound clip that stays in context with the title of the opening track - Anally Injected Death Sperm. The track proceeds into up-tempo, grinding, brutal death metal. This is intermixed with a healthy amount of groove and chugging powerchords. The guitar sounds punchy with a well rounded tone (the tone compares to Origin's more recent outputs with a little less top end). One noticeable detail is how crisp the bass lines punch through rather well and the can be heard along side the other instruments.The drumming is the most up front and in-your-face instrument ... For good reason - The drummer on this album is a fucking beast. Just think precise with a the pacing of machine gun fire! If the first track indicates anything, it's the mastering and recording done for this album is well done (dare I say exuisite?). The vocals are where I have my first complaint. The voicing itself is appropriate as they are fairly indecipheral and harsh, but in the long run, they are repititious (he seems to make repeat and similar noises throughout the rest of the song).The rest of the tracks follow in similar fashion - opening with a sound clip (if not, at least having one present somewhere in the song) and proceeding to pummel you with high velocity brutality.

My complaints about the album are pretty much the same as when I did my first review on the album. The songs are a little too similar and can be indistinguishable save for the sound clips between tracks. The vocals as mentioned before are really repetitive by any standard. I do think that he was trying to satire atypical vocals found in brutal death metal genres. He seems to be taking the precusssive noise route of modern vocalists and twisting it to humorous advantage to his credit. Aside from all that this album is quite the entertaining romp!!

Take the cd booklet for example ... You can get hours of entertainment looking at that alone! You have some of the most ridiculous lyrics ever penned and hand drawn pictures of the band members transformed into some bastardized cabbage patch kids - except these are called the Gutterslut Kids. The songs themselves are sprinkled with dark humor, and you'll notice a slight quirky nature in the songs: oddly time slapedp bass lines and abrupt tempo changes are plentiful. All in all, if you're looking for a fun death metal album to listen to and to blow off steam from a wretched day this is an excellent album to pick up. If you're the type that's looking for serious, earth shattering metal, you may need to look elsewhere.