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Solid, but not very Intricate - 80%

Rhapsorizon, March 18th, 2007

I actually first heard this album at a friend's house one morning when I was recovering from a night of degenerative pot-smoking and alcohol-induced inebriation. And was quite surprised to find this album sitting around, as my mates that live in this house are FAR from extreme-metal heads.

But anyway, where I'll start:

There's not really much to mention on individual characteristics that would reside their potential to be a revolutionary or any-way-unique Death Metal band. Upon listening to the first 2 tracks, it provides untainted urges to wind-mill your way into a dislocated spinal disc, unfortunately, it does not deviate in sense of musical or rhythmic characterisitcs, it merely follows elements 1-4 on tracks 1 and 2 all the way to the very end. A similar sort of approach that I felt Necrophagist took on their album "Epitaph," but at least Goratory doesn't procrastinate on concluding their endless fret-wankery, and actually get down to the core of their songs and their structures.

There are presented, here, some very interesting performances on drums. I prefer to hear a drummer that is amateur at, at least, some of the styles he plays. Gives a sense of realism and a take-one-or-none feeling. He appears destitute of energy towards the end of each song, and the blast-beats tend to lack volume of the snare at the end of each blasted bar, which, for some reason, I quite like. But goddamn, I'm not sure if they're gravity blasts, or layered tracks (I'm not a drummer, I can't pick a drummer's strong points, so won't know if they're normal blasts, or gravity blasts), but his super-sonic blasts during some sections of the majority of songs is a VERY good novelty for the band. I guess the drums prove to be most pre-dominant.

Now, I wish I hadn't wasted so much time describing the drums, because there's really not much to say about the guitars and slap-bass intermissions present on this release. The sound system I was spinning this track on, twice, might have been causing the audibility of the drums to over-power the guitars, but from what I managed to aurally decipher from the album, was that the riffs were fairly basic, but not boring in sense of typical Death-Metal guitars. They still sound as if they're following pre-positioned guidelines for any given Death Metal band, but I still found that the "accompaniment" (more accurately, "gang-hump") of the drums made it that much less boring.

The vocals are just anything you would expect from any given generic Death Metal band, and I'm not saying this because I'm so lazy that I won't dissect a monotonous bunch of vocals on an 11-track album, actually it's probably because of that, but nonetheless, they are still basically just as you would expect.

The production value of this album is fairly decent. The sound is nice and crunchy and clear, and a lot of the low-end presence on this album is most accentuated by the THUD of the double-kick, but I found that the guitars were not loud enough, and weren't decipherable with the over-powering volume of the drums. Could have been mixed with more balance, but still good to listen to for a head-bang.

If you like some good solid Death Metal, that isn't too intricate, get this. But if you're out for sheer band technicality, and intricate song structures, this isn't for you.

Good attempt but nothing amazing - 80%

RayLiotta, April 12th, 2004

Once again we have another band attempting to do the brutal genre of death metal. They are fairly successful at being heavy and intense, but this isn't really anything that different from what we've heard already. I think the most notable musician in this band is the vocalist. The drumming and guitar work are both passable but nothing spectacular. The bassist occassionally attempts some slap interludes but they don't seem to go all that well with the music and they really aren't technically amazing.

The clip I heard from their upcoming CD sounds really impressive, mainly because they have a new drummer that is amazing.

Some of you brutal fans might enjoy this but I'm guessing most fans have already heard enough bands that attempt this style.