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Gontyna Kry - Arystokracja Ducha - 86%

Avestriel, February 5th, 2009

As it could be expected by anyone that gave a listen to their previous album, Gontyna Kry comes forth now with a new album, filled with new sounds, as far away as they could be from works such as Welowie and Krew Naszych Ojcow. This death-influenced piece is not to be overlooked though, because it sure as hell is worthy of a place among the previously mentioned masterpieces.

This time around, we get 9 completely new tracks filled with speed, agressivity, melody, ambient and folky moments. The music obviously follows the same style as the previous album, clean but heavy guitar tones and a good dose of keyboards for that ambient/martial attitude Gontyna still holds. The drumming seems to be more agressive than it has ever been, and faster than ever too.

Since the previous album is kind of a renewal of the 2001 album Krew Naszych Ojcow, I kinda consider it to be more of a preview for this very album, which would completely open this new chapter in Gontyna Kry's history, one that hopefully will last long. Taking that in count I could say that this album feels way more solid and sure-of-itself, so to speak. Overall this album is filled with a new and fresh spirit, great melodies and memorable moments, an even kind of epic feeling overall and all the black aggresivity one could ask from a national socialist polish black-death metal act. Highly recommended.