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Great potential - 70%

adriantheone, April 4th, 2012

Going into a band with an album title and imagery such as this, you pretty much know what to expect. This EP is unashamed Venom inspired thrash metal. From the raw production, the lyrics, and the overall sound, you definitely can see the influences these guys wear on their sleeves. Not that it's a bad thing by any means, however, comparisons are inevitable.

As for the actual musicianship: the guitar tone is nasty, the rhythm section thundering, and the vocals reminiscent of Cronos. All in all, perfect to deliver the songs found within.

While a short EP, it's an enjoyable listen. Descendants of Death comes in slow and breaks into a mid-tempo thrasher, and the chorus sounds positively evil. Vile Bodies kicks up the speed, a good song though not my favorite here. Speed Kings stands out to me as the best song here, containing the most interesting riffs and vocals, as well as a nifty little solo. If this song is any indication of what a future release will sound like, I'm in! City of Sinners is the closer and appears to me as the bands signature song, containing lyrics that reflect the name. I tend to think it would make an excellent closer to a live show. The "bell of doom" at the end really is a nice touch to bring things to an end.

While the recording could be described as rough and the band's own style still seems to be coming into its own, these are all to be expected on a first release. A solid EP that shows much promise for these up and coming thrashers!