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Good Satan!!! - 84%

Snxke, November 19th, 2002

Well, Gomorrah just steps it up with every new release don't they?! The riffs and drums tighten, the guitars grow more slithery like the fogs from wence they came from. Let's face it friends - this CD is the best work they've ever done and the new "two track" production shows it. I think the only weakness overall is that the vocals are slightly buried so one has trouble making out the lyrics. The song titles though...are wonderful to read and compare to the moods of the music.

A few of the highlights are the VILE blasts of "Moonlit Ritual" and the moody nature of "Blasphemous Oath". The highlight though is "Nox Invictus"...whatta evil little song that is. Well troops - love them or hate them -Gomorrah ARE the best at what they do...

The bottom line is that this is a nessecary CD, the artwork is a bit bare - but the music within is some of the most moody, bizarre and twisted music one can find on the market today... if I could only place those similar sounding vocalsl...