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Adorned In Ruin - 90%

Nattskog7, May 13th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, Digital, Independent

Cavernous guitars and blasting drums surge into life with a dissonant edge to their monstrously heavy and intense death metal which is brooding and spasming with sheer vitriol. The vocals are equally hostile while the guitars dance around the relentless drumming in such a way that this album will instantly draw you in from its earliest moments or cast you aside with disregard. Warping and contorting, there is a certain otherworldliness to the atmosphere on this record that is utterly captivating and yet not drawn out with bland time-wasting, rather directly and violently forced upon you. A dark and malignant force is present on these recordings that reach into the abyss with such contempt for life, that the band work as a singularity, delivering chaotic and demonic apparitions continually. The void has awakened…

Sonically, the mix is really enticing with these discordant guitars slashing through a thick and warm bass tone while the drums constantly obliterate any sense of perceived calm. This instrumental concoction is met with gloriously varied vocals which include gut-wrenching snarls to manic shrieks (and even some estranged but awesome cleans later on), conveying just as much chaos as the music while the record certainly isn’t directionless. While the pulsating rhythms and radiating flares jump in and out of psychotic frenzy and brooding atmosphere, there is no denying it makes sense, if in a totally inhuman way. There is also no denying the unique talents of this band which harness a certain technicality and angular songwriting method that doesn’t feel derivative of any specific peer. That middle ground is likely going to sent Golgothan Remains very far.

While some may find a lot of more avant-garde and experimental black/death metal to be pretentious and lacking in actual direct metallic approach, this music feels like a really strong and universally well put together work. While being expansive and completely insane, they still have riffs you can headbang to and even the most far-reaching passages still feel like their is purpose behind them. Penetrating the air with a certain foreboding and disquieting ambience while driving forth at an alarming rate with their sheer brutality, this is a perfect middle ground for extreme metal to push boundaries while not drifting so far afield as to alienate those who still want some fantastic death metal at the heart of the record. Perhaps not a record that is easy to single out a great track, rather a truly indelible and immersive experience from start to end, which is more how this kind of music should be listened to anyway. It might lose the attention of those seeking something fun and quickly entertaining while gaining legions more from the pool of people searching for something gripping and frightening from their music. Either way, the musicianship, songwriting and execution is very difficult to flaw here.

A sublime and terrifying spectacle of malformed extreme metal that is tormenting, violent, chasmic and monolithic. Full of atmosphere and volatile twists, this is no easy listen. Rather an unwieldy example of truly devastating musical proportions.

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