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Golgotha Return - 83%

Chimpa, September 10th, 2005

I guess that many of you will remember this Doom Metal band from Spain. During the nineties they were probably the best example of this genre in a country that, traditionally, has been more interested in Death Metal and Grindcore. They disbanded after releasing two albums, but now, they are back with a completely new line-up. In fact there is only one original member left, Vicente. Perhaps that’s the reason why their new music sounds so different to their early stuff. Of course there are many reminiscences, many guitar melodies can easily remember of albums like ‘Caves Of Mind’ or ‘Melancholy’, but their new style is much heavier yet at the same time quite emotional and ‘doomish’. The bigger change is in the vocals. Dave Rotten, singer of AVULSED, has been recruited as member of the band, and definitely you can’t expect clean vocals from a guy that is known for his ultra-brutal voice and gore lyrics. His way of singing can remember perhaps of bands like CELESTIAL SEASON, yet musically they have a different approach. Bands like TIAMAT era ‘Clouds’, ORPHANAGE, or even old PARADISE LOST come to my mind when listening to this, but it’s better if you check it yourself, as they have a personal sound. Quite recommendable if you like Doom Metal with brutal vocals, heavy rhythms and at the same time some melody and atmosphere. A good change if you are tired of Goth-Doom posers and ultra-slow boring bands.