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PBDZ4: Norse inspired BM - 65%

vrag_moj, January 5th, 2010

This EP comes to me from Brisbane way, earlier on in the piece in 2009. Apparently there are heinous individuals over there producing blasting obscure sounds under the name Gol with a demo and this EP already out. But they did not escape my attention for long. So what the arse may this be, one might enquire? Well, you’ll be surprised; this is a fairly professional-sounding underground BM recording of 4 tracks in the Norse vein of pure Black Metal. Apparently the members here are all new blood, which is great because this is very faithful to the genre, even though it does not come to my liking 100% in the end. The main reason is that this is very Norwegian-BM sounding, which makes it a bit too predictable for me, who has heard so much of it before. This is not to say that this is at all bad. This band delivers 4 tracks of thick, blasting Black Metal with shrill, hoarse vocals uttering inaudible blasphemies over a black whirlwind of guitar tone. The music reminds me of Isvind and old Satyricon with icy guitar riffs washing over my blackened soul and the journey narrated with trollish groaned vocals a-la Immortal.

I am told this band has a whole album recorded and waiting for release. I will look forward to it. This isn’t particularly devastating although solid enough to crack your skull, so I’ll await developments eagerly.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #4