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Mind Blowing Metal in an Abstract Packaging - 94%

headbangerb3, January 27th, 2008

For the many metal fans like myself that are fed up with the same old cliches that find themselves being copied over and over agian in the world of death metal, 'Terra Incognita' is a reassuring breath of fresh air.

When you first experience Gojira, it is very hard to analyze what you are hearing. The brutal style of death metal that they play, mixed with the atmospheric instrumentals and eco-conscious lyrics make for a very new sound. That is not to say that their music is completely new. Many of their riffs resemble that of bands like Sepultura and Entombed, and Joe Duplantier's vocal style is similar to Max Cavelera's, but the way that they play the music is very different. Their is a very enlightening aura that haunts the whole recording, and ties it together very well. This is very impressive, because the songs themselves are very unique to each other- that is, they don't all sound the same. 'Satan is a Lawyer' is by far the most different, but, when listened in context to the rest of the album, it works.

Individualy, the band is brilliant. Mario Duplantier is one of the best drummers I have listened to in a while, bringing a unique, almost funky, style to the genre. Christian Andreu and Joe Duplantier are both great guitarist, who instead of using overdone harmonies or flamboyant solos, mesh together with insane riffs and blasting grooves. Also, the evident connection between bass player Jean-Michel Labadie and Mario makes for a great, aggressive rythm section.

To try to analyze the CD would be very hard, though. It is the type of thing that you must liisten to and experience to understand. To try and and critique it is very hard, because it is so flawless. One thing that could have changed is the sound clip at the beginning of 'Blow Me Away You (niverse)'. It takes away from the abstract and original feel of the song. Also, some of the breakdowns are similar. However, they do a great job of making their break-downs sound good, unlike many of the grindcore bands that completley overuse and ruin them.

The only thing I can say is that you should definitely give Gojira a chance. If you are into the standard stock bands of today, you won't like them. However, if you really want to open your mind and experience something fresh, buy 'Terra'.

Best Songs: Love, Satan is a Lawyer, Clone, Fire is Everything
Worst Songs: If I had to pick one, it would be Blow me Away You (niverse)