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Death Metal with a unique style - 75%

Axis_Corpsefucker, October 17th, 2005

Heavy yet crystal clear production creating “experimental” catchy death metal. Now I use the word “experimental” lightly because they aren’t overtly experimenting around, but to just simply classify them as death metal would be wrong too. But lets just say this is some unique death metal that doesn’t suck.

This is the kind of metal that you just want to be high when you listen to. The riffs are constantly changing, not in a jazz-metal like manner where it just happens suddenly, but they just fuse it together so two completely different riffs flow smoothly. That style in itself is unique since one moment you’re listening to some heavy chugging then all the sudden it goes into some atmospheric acoustic melody then suddenly changes into this fast thrashing riffage. No its nothing like that fagass band Opeth, this is different. Its much simpler but the structure is solid making them kickass.

The musicianship is tight, although they have almost no solos. The guitarist rely mostly on chugging and powerchord melody, which isn’t bad at all. When he starts chugging, I mean he fucking start chugging. He fucking tears his guitar apart, using weird rhythms and creative noises from his guitar that are uncommon in metal. The bassist’s style is also different since he follows mostly the drums but does it in a way where it almost resembles funk. The drummer also is unique. Its been a while since I’ve been impressed by a metal drummer but he managed to do just that. Its not overtly fast or anything like that, its just that he uses a style mostly found in trip hop or even rap. Shit, did I just say rap? I hope I didn’t scare any hardcore death metal kids away, but don’t worry this isn’t some shitty rapcore. It is death metal, with a weird bass structure and different drumming style.

Another highlight of the album is the weird and atmospheric instrumentals. Its so atmospheric to the point its almost haunting. The album as a whole conveys a very haunting mood but the instrumentals really ice that up. The vocals too are impressive, its nothing special but there’s just something about his vocals that’s captivating.

The album as a whole is mid-paced but there are some fast songs. But even me, being an avid speed metal freak, liked some of the slower songs in this album. The unique chugging from the guitarist really makes up for all the lack of speed (but still the slower songs gets boring though). Like I said before, this is an album you would want to listen to when you’re high. Just a very unique and haunting death metal album overall. Its not for everyone, listen with an open-mind, you may like what you hear.

RECOMMENDED SONG: Clone, Fire is everything, Love
LYRICS: I don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about: ie. “Satan is a Lawyer”
PRODUCTION: Heavy, yet really clear
PACKAGING: A guy giving himself a blowjob is on the cover
OVERALL: Not a bad album at all, very unique and different