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Gohrgone - Finis Ixion - 93%

Edmund Sackbauer, July 2nd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Great Dane Records (Digipak)

France is a country known for great footballers and metal music and so it did not come as surprise to me finding out about another quality band. Gohrgone have been founded in 2012 and released their first full length in 2014. The debut titled “A Divinis” was more deathcore than death metal but I am glad to report that this has changed with album number two called “Finis Ixion”. This album is a straight-to-the-bone beast of hefty yet groovy death metal combining the best of old school elements and more modern influences.

“Finis Ixion” is eight tracks spanning thirty two minutes and has a rich, thick and heavy sound,complex but not fussy, with superb US Death Metal influenced guitar work, with a node to bands like Immolation or Morbid Angel but also an extra portion of brutality thrown in for good measure. Slightly technical, slightly progressive with noticeable blackened elements but also highly melodic at the same time, but very traditional death metal at the core all melded with a lush fluidity and dark haunting melody. The interplay of the crunchy basic riffs and the memorable lead harmonies are a real highlight here, perfectly balancing heaviness with groove and hypnotic melodies.

Despite the relentless and aggressive sound there are catchy and atmospheric moments and some of the hooks are going to stick with the listener after the second or third spin. Harmonies that seem a bit disjointed at first work as transition elements before the trademark chords of the respective song are repeated again.

While the instrumentation is top notch there are no too flashy or overly technical sections. From the first note onwards it is pretty obvious that the intention of Gohrgone has been to take some of the best pieces of the genre and put them back together while injecting a little bit of their own DNA. There is nothing really new or innovative here but the music is just so powerful and fresh that I really do not care about that. The songwriting is compact and on point without any unnecessary lengths or boring parts. The tracks flow into each other in nice fashion making the thirty two minutes go by without noticing.

Rounded off by a brutal vocal delivery which helps ramping up the intensity of the music another notch or two and a very powerful production job “Finis Ixion” is an absolute gem. The sound is very transparent without sacrificing a certain level of rawness. I highly recommend to look for the physical edition coming with a stunning cover. Vive la France.